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Enough about Hillary and Obama…let’s talk about me!
May 9, 2008, 7:51 pm
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Is it possible that all this time I just thought I had a big mouth when in fact I simply have an inflated ego? Could it be a combination of both? Probably.

Today I suggested, perhaps in an inappropriate forum, that it was time for the party to unify behind Barack Obama. I was shocked at the response I got from the moderator of the forum. If she is reading this, I hope that she can try to understand why I posted such a thing. But the response made me realize that feelings are, to say the least, raw. Who could have forseen that Hillary would not secure the nomination? But we are all adults here right? Able to accept defeat and move on?

Maybe not so much.

There I go again…big mouth. Condescending. Inflated ego. Ick. But I feel that something is happening here. The Democratic party of the last 8 years is dying. A new party has evolved out of the old. We had two strong cadidates…soon we will have one strong nominee, and it will be Obama (have I mentioned this lately?). It’s time to leave Terry Mcauliffe behind.

I want the Democrats to win because I love my country. The sleaze machine of the Republic party is scared, and they are going to be vicious. VICIOUS.

Can we talk about getting together on this? Or should we count on a third Bush term?


It is over…
May 8, 2008, 8:26 am
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In November of 2000 we watched in horror as the Supreme Court appointed George Bush President of the United States of America. Al Gore had run a strong campaign, and won the popular vote, but in the end he lost because the electoral votes failed to reflect the will of the American people.

Do you remember how you felt? The outrage? The Injustice? If you don’t remember please take a moment to relive those dark days…

Stay with me now.

Back in 1992 I was urged to take action in helping shape the political landscape of our country. I volunteered to help the local Democratic party by making phone calls, getting people registered to vote, etc. Dorothy Bradley was running for Governor, and Bill Clinton was running for President. In the general election Dorothy lost, but Bill Clinton carried Montana! It seems unbelievable now. It was the beginning of my love affair with politics, and I was a big fan of Bill and Hillary. But then I watched our party lose touch, and fall victim to the mindless chants and slogans of the Republican party. I watched Bill lie about his sexual appetite for interns. Yet I still felt that his activities around sex had very little if anything to do with his ability to run the country, and still supported him strongly. What I am saying is that the Clintons have been with me throughout my political interest. I strongly supported Hillary’s bid for the nomination and to this day feel that she would be an excellent President.


She has run a mean spirited campaign, especially recently. It is the campaign that should have been run against W in 2004, NOT against a fellow Democrat in 2008. She does not have the majority of the popular vote, and will not be able to make up the difference by June 3rd. She wants Florida and Michigan to count, but they broke party rules. Their delegates should be seated after an equitable plan for doing so is formulated, but the results of their voting must not be counted.

Hillary is counting on the super delegates to act for her as the Supreme Court acted for George Bush in 2000.  This is the ONLY WAY SHE CAN WIN THE NOMINATION, and it must not happen. The party will be destroyed if it does. Meanwhile, she is hurting Obama’s ability to mount a campaign against John McBush.

So please ask yourself…isn’t it time to move on? For the good of the party, but most importantly for the good of our great country.  Let’s not be like Rush Limbaugh, who not only doesn’t care about The United States of America, but obviously loathes the Democratic process through which we elect our leaders.

It isn’t easy, but it is the right thing to do. Hillary can not win. Let’s support our next President:

Barack Obama!

Who gave Hillary the self-destruct code?
April 30, 2008, 6:19 pm
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Many things have brought me close to posting over the past few months and now I just want to take a moment of your time to express how I feel about my party…

I am a cubs fan and a liberal. What does it mean? That for some unknown reason the chemical makeup of my brain chooses to feel the sting of loss over the mindless choice of the powerhouse team or party. I like to think that this means I am thoughtful, but most likely just makes me sadistic. Occasionally there is a win for my team or my party…the rareness of which causes a stimulation of the pleasure center of my brain. Indeed, you say, he IS a wacko liberal! But there is a purpose for writing this.

The Democrats had been handed the White House by the bumbling incompetence of the Bush regime and the corporate-owned Republic congress. The Republic party served up a mess of presidential hopefuls that screamed “We want to lose!” It was seemingly in the bag.

Then along come the primary voters. Unable to make up their minds, they go back and forth between Hillary and Barack…and hand us a shovel with which Hillary is now digging the grave of the Democratic Party. If the party nominates a candidate who does not have the popular vote…they learned NOTHING in 2000. If Hillary continues to act like a Republic she will damage Obama to the point where he will not win. I think Hillary would be an excellent president…but if she is nominated I, along with many others, will be leaving the Democrats for dead.

Does it bother you when I use “Republic” rather than “Republican?” Does it sound as if I am an idiot? Now you now how it sounds when you say “Democrat party” rather than “Democratic party”.


I hope someone close to Hillary will point out to her that she can’t win the nomination fairly, and needs to drop out. I hope the voters of America are intelligent enough to realize that Obama is not and never has been a Muslim, that Reverend Wright is not running for president, and that Rush Limbaugh hates America and loathes freedom. I hope that on November 2nd I get to feel that spike of adrenaline that comes with winning, and continues with the hope of an America that makes a return to the values we had prior to 9/11.

Come on Democrats. Let’s win this one. America needs a change.

Oh, and a World Series featuring the Cubs would be appreciated as well.

But both seem like long shots at this point.


December 17, 2007, 7:21 pm
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I haven’t been deeply involved in politics for several months…mostly observing Sunday talk shows, reading the paper, and acting like a normal person who only pays attention once every four years. For what it’s worth, here are my opinions so far:

Hillary Clinton with Barak Hussein Obama as her V/P would be an unbeatable ticket. Notice that I saved those in the Republic party from having to point out that (oh my frakin’ God!) Hussein is Senator Obama’s middle name. Mine is Emmett.

John Edwards, although popular out here in the liberal blogosphere, is the weakest of the three leading Dems. The Republic war machine will eat him alive. What do I have to support my opinion on this? A gut feeling.

Any one of the Republicans is very vulnerable. Huckabee raised taxes and pardoned a record number of criminals, but he has the support of the “keep Christ in government” crowd. This same crowd will be just a bit leary of Mitt Romney, who was for abortion before he was against it.

Guiliani has 9/11. Just like W. We have grown tired of this American tragedy being exploited for political gain, not to mention that his policies would make him a liberal here in Montana (Gun Control?).

The only real threat is McCain, but the poor Republicans seem dazed and confused.

Personally, I like Ron Paul. Scrap the IRS? Hell ya!

Once again, just my thoughts on the situation. Don’t ask me for supporting evidence-I just don’t have the time anymore.

The MTSSA can kiss my ass, etc.
November 7, 2006, 4:38 am
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Tonight I was robocalled by the Montana Shooting Sports Association.

Last night I was push-polled by Burns supporters.

We are all sick of the ads.

But the MTSSA call really pissed me off. When I ran for office in ’04, I took the time to fill out their candidate questionaire. I did this because I am a sportsman, gun owner, and hunter. What rating did I get? An “F”.

You see, I don’t think folks should be allowed to carry concealed handguns into schools or courthouses. Is that what earned me an “F”? Or was it that I was running as a “D”?

Don’t know, don’t care. The MTSSA is not to be trusted. They are liars.

I don’t care what party you belong to. This election is about more than party allegiance. It is about our country. This isn’t baseball or football, where you stick with your team no matter how badly they are doing. This is our country, our way of life. I want to let the power brokers know who has the power. It’s us, the 35% who give enough of a damn about our country to vote.

The commercial says “Conrad Burns, what a character.” What a load of crap. Conrad Burns has sold out our state, sold out our values, lost sight of what the hell we sent him to Washington to do: REPRESENT US.

You want to vote Republican. I want to vote Democrat. But to vote for a candidate strictly because he or she belongs to your party of choice is irresponsible. It is giving up your voice. It is giving up on your country. I have voted for Republicans in the past, and will in the future. I vote for the candidate.

So if you are still undecided, please remember:


So I’m a jerk. So what?
October 26, 2006, 12:34 am
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Last night I attended a candidate forum put on by the League of Women Voters in Belgrade. I have no in-depth analysis for you, just some impressions.

First of all, I will piss off the Democrats by saying that if I lived in SD35, I would vote for Senator Gary Perry (R).  Why? I just like the guy. He seems to be a decent man not given to spouting off Republican talking points. I am not familiar with his voting record, so if he has done something outrageous, feel free to point it out. However I will always support the best person for the job, regardless of party affiliation.

Roger Koopman (R-HD70) is a blowhard bullshit artist who thinks the Earth is about 6,000 years old. Not only that, he voted against maintaining high water mark stream access, and fully funding the Children’s Health Insurance Program. He thinks parents ought to just make enough money to pay for insurance themselves. Roger, do you think that the moon is made of green cheese? Just wondering.

Jack Wells (R-HD69) thinks he is John friggen Wayne.

Loren Acton, who is running against Jack Wells, is a rocket scientist. Seriously. He has been to space. He opened by saying that we should be thinking seven generations ahead when legislating. Mr. Acton wants to make it honorable to be a politician, and I have no doubt that he could do it. He was by far the most impressive candidate in the forum.

The intrepid Renae Jones stepped up to take the place of the elusive Jackson Cyr, who has withdrawn from the race. She is opposing the Republican who currently represents HD67.

Scott Sales (R-HD68) wore a bolo tie.

His opponent Laura Obert seemed oddly out of place in this group. There is no doubt in my mind she would be a hard working legislator.

John Vincent quoted Ronald Reagan. Koopman or Vincent. Well, at least Vincent isn’t nuts.

The Democrats in the forum named their top priorities almost unanimously as healthcare and energy independence.

Republicans top priorities include guns and “fiscal responsiblity.”

A good time was had by all (except for that part where someone accused me of being a jerk). Remember, you can register to vote at your local courthouse up to and including election day.

Senator Obama on Charlie Rose
October 21, 2006, 4:50 pm
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Could this man be the next president? There has been a great deal of “hype” around Senator Obama. For once, there is substance behind it. Listen to Charlie Rose interview the Senator here.