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It is over…
May 8, 2008, 8:26 am
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In November of 2000 we watched in horror as the Supreme Court appointed George Bush President of the United States of America. Al Gore had run a strong campaign, and won the popular vote, but in the end he lost because the electoral votes failed to reflect the will of the American people.

Do you remember how you felt? The outrage? The Injustice? If you don’t remember please take a moment to relive those dark days…

Stay with me now.

Back in 1992 I was urged to take action in helping shape the political landscape of our country. I volunteered to help the local Democratic party by making phone calls, getting people registered to vote, etc. Dorothy Bradley was running for Governor, and Bill Clinton was running for President. In the general election Dorothy lost, but Bill Clinton carried Montana! It seems unbelievable now. It was the beginning of my love affair with politics, and I was a big fan of Bill and Hillary. But then I watched our party lose touch, and fall victim to the mindless chants and slogans of the Republican party. I watched Bill lie about his sexual appetite for interns. Yet I still felt that his activities around sex had very little if anything to do with his ability to run the country, and still supported him strongly. What I am saying is that the Clintons have been with me throughout my political interest. I strongly supported Hillary’s bid for the nomination and to this day feel that she would be an excellent President.


She has run a mean spirited campaign, especially recently. It is the campaign that should have been run against W in 2004, NOT against a fellow Democrat in 2008. She does not have the majority of the popular vote, and will not be able to make up the difference by June 3rd. She wants Florida and Michigan to count, but they broke party rules. Their delegates should be seated after an equitable plan for doing so is formulated, but the results of their voting must not be counted.

Hillary is counting on the super delegates to act for her as the Supreme Court acted for George Bush in 2000.  This is the ONLY WAY SHE CAN WIN THE NOMINATION, and it must not happen. The party will be destroyed if it does. Meanwhile, she is hurting Obama’s ability to mount a campaign against John McBush.

So please ask yourself…isn’t it time to move on? For the good of the party, but most importantly for the good of our great country.  Let’s not be like Rush Limbaugh, who not only doesn’t care about The United States of America, but obviously loathes the Democratic process through which we elect our leaders.

It isn’t easy, but it is the right thing to do. Hillary can not win. Let’s support our next President:

Barack Obama!

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I am ready to move on as well in support of Obama who is clearly the winner!

Comment by Sonia

I am going to vote regardless of who the the super delegates pick

jacksonville, FL

Comment by Catherine Hudson

Get over it airhead liberal

Comment by Marion

Let’s not!
Let’s not suppose it “liberal”.
Obama is only being supported by black community because he is black.
No other reason or qualifications.
You know how the saying goes
“…it aint good enough”

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by SJP

What I do understand is – Bush has the lowest poll approval rating out of any president in history. The same low approval by the same people who voted to put in power for two terms. Voting for McCain/McBush would be like giving Bush a third term – come on! wake up! smell the roses / sunshine. You complain, you need to do something about it – OBAMA 08 – Change we can believe in! The country will flourish with a democratic president, and we will all be a lot better off. That is a fact, believe it or not.

Comment by SJP

It funny how you call Hillary’s campaign mean spirited and in the next paragraph call Mccain McBush. I guess being a hypocrite is the standard liberal agenda

Comment by jcf

Hypocrite? I don’t think so! Just like you have to pick a rotten egg from you batch, we have to pick the best from the best of our batch, and besides I’d rather have a little a mean spirit than a big bad mean temper — wouldn’t you?

Comment by SJP

For those of you supporting obama i would like to hear the reasons for your support. Name the achievements he accomplished during his time in office. Name bills he actually authored. Name any voting recarod that shows courage or bipartisanship. Please I am an undecided voter and am looking for answers.

Comment by Evan

Try this site for some reasons to vote Obama:

Comment by Irukandji

If you still believe that “W” has led the country well and that another term of the Reagan appointed Bush regime sponsored puppet called McCain would do a good job, just ask yourself a few questions:
Are you better off than you were in 1999?
Do you feel secure?
Can you feel proud of Bush led policies on:
Treatment of prisoners?
Invasion of your privacy through blanket surveillance?
Katrina (so far the burmese response to their Cyclone sic.(hurricane) is about the same as the way Bush and Brownie “did a heckuva job…”
Rumsfeld lined his pockets by making sure our military hired the companies he was invested in and increased his wealth from less than 6 million to over 80 million before he “retired” and left us with gas prices through the roof and a war we and our children can never hope to pay for.
The middle class is mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.

Comment by problembear

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