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Who gave Hillary the self-destruct code?
April 30, 2008, 6:19 pm
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Many things have brought me close to posting over the past few months and now I just want to take a moment of your time to express how I feel about my party…

I am a cubs fan and a liberal. What does it mean? That for some unknown reason the chemical makeup of my brain chooses to feel the sting of loss over the mindless choice of the powerhouse team or party. I like to think that this means I am thoughtful, but most likely just makes me sadistic. Occasionally there is a win for my team or my party…the rareness of which causes a stimulation of the pleasure center of my brain. Indeed, you say, he IS a wacko liberal! But there is a purpose for writing this.

The Democrats had been handed the White House by the bumbling incompetence of the Bush regime and the corporate-owned Republic congress. The Republic party served up a mess of presidential hopefuls that screamed “We want to lose!” It was seemingly in the bag.

Then along come the primary voters. Unable to make up their minds, they go back and forth between Hillary and Barack…and hand us a shovel with which Hillary is now digging the grave of the Democratic Party. If the party nominates a candidate who does not have the popular vote…they learned NOTHING in 2000. If Hillary continues to act like a Republic she will damage Obama to the point where he will not win. I think Hillary would be an excellent president…but if she is nominated I, along with many others, will be leaving the Democrats for dead.

Does it bother you when I use “Republic” rather than “Republican?” Does it sound as if I am an idiot? Now you now how it sounds when you say “Democrat party” rather than “Democratic party”.


I hope someone close to Hillary will point out to her that she can’t win the nomination fairly, and needs to drop out. I hope the voters of America are intelligent enough to realize that Obama is not and never has been a Muslim, that Reverend Wright is not running for president, and that Rush Limbaugh hates America and loathes freedom. I hope that on November 2nd I get to feel that spike of adrenaline that comes with winning, and continues with the hope of an America that makes a return to the values we had prior to 9/11.

Come on Democrats. Let’s win this one. America needs a change.

Oh, and a World Series featuring the Cubs would be appreciated as well.

But both seem like long shots at this point.



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Indeed — this would seem like an election that the Republicans handed to the Democrats on a silver platter. Why do I get the sinking feeling in my gut that the Democrats are determined to hand it back?

Comment by pjfinn

I hope someone close to Hillary will point out to her that she can’t win the nomination fairly, and needs to drop out.

That’s pretty interesting, I just read a piece from Joe Trippi on John Edwards decision to leave the race and what he wishes he would have said. It is a good perspective.

Comment by Shane C. Mason

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED- 5 years after. the middle class mills around dazed and confused by stag-flation in the slaughter pens watching OBAMA/CLINTON destroy each other while McCain waits nearby with the stun gun.

Comment by problembear

But only a star ships captian first oggicer and engineer can command a self distruct

Comment by Mad Bluebird

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