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January 2, 2008, 9:15 pm
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Hillary Clinton will win the nomination of the Democratic party after a difficult primary season…Obama will accept the V/P slot. The filth thrown at Clinton/Obama will go far beyond the shameful swiftboat campaign of ’04. Misogyny? You bet. Thinly veiled racism? That’s on the menu for sure. You thought playing on fears of terrorism was out of style? Nope. Will Barack Obama be called a terrorist? Will Hillary Clinton be linked to terrorists? Sure. It will be revolting. Worst of all…many voters will believe it.

But the Democrats will win the White House after the failings of the Bush years come home to roost in 2008, and thanks in part to the independent campaign of Ron Paul, who will leave the Republican party, his die-hard supporters in tow. Could Bloomberg shake up the Republican race even more? I think so. Many Americans will be voting independent this year after the dismal performance of both parties…but it will have a far greater negative impact on the GOP.

The GOP will wake up from their haze of repeated failures to stop terrorism, gay people, and abortion (have they even tried, really?), and nominate John McCain. He will do very well with The Huck on board as V/P but ultimately lose due to his continued support for the Bush administration’s foriegn policy and the GOP’s other, more successful war: The War On The Middle Class.

Get ready for an ugly fight for power, the likes of which we have not seen before.


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Close, but not the likely end game.

In the final days Hillary continues to try to pummel Obama into submission and can’t quite pull off the KO punch as her political apparatus finally crumbles with exhaustion. The Democrats are deeply wounded and Hillary doesn’t give the time of day to healing the wounds of combat by running as Obama’s VP. Only the deteriorating condition of iraq and JMc’s rendition of the old B-boy tune lingering in people’s ears…”Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” saves the day for Barak and he wins a squeeker.

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