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December 17, 2007, 7:21 pm
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I haven’t been deeply involved in politics for several months…mostly observing Sunday talk shows, reading the paper, and acting like a normal person who only pays attention once every four years. For what it’s worth, here are my opinions so far:

Hillary Clinton with Barak Hussein Obama as her V/P would be an unbeatable ticket. Notice that I saved those in the Republic party from having to point out that (oh my frakin’ God!) Hussein is Senator Obama’s middle name. Mine is Emmett.

John Edwards, although popular out here in the liberal blogosphere, is the weakest of the three leading Dems. The Republic war machine will eat him alive. What do I have to support my opinion on this? A gut feeling.

Any one of the Republicans is very vulnerable. Huckabee raised taxes and pardoned a record number of criminals, but he has the support of the “keep Christ in government” crowd. This same crowd will be just a bit leary of Mitt Romney, who was for abortion before he was against it.

Guiliani has 9/11. Just like W. We have grown tired of this American tragedy being exploited for political gain, not to mention that his policies would make him a liberal here in Montana (Gun Control?).

The only real threat is McCain, but the poor Republicans seem dazed and confused.

Personally, I like Ron Paul. Scrap the IRS? Hell ya!

Once again, just my thoughts on the situation. Don’t ask me for supporting evidence-I just don’t have the time anymore.


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Nor do you really need any to have opinions. Goos to hear from you!

Comment by Wulfgar

we chose between CAPTIAN HOOK and the EVIL QUEEN we got CAPTIAN HOOK

Comment by Mad Bluebird

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