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It is time
April 30, 2007, 7:36 pm
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…to accomplish this mission.


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Comment by Shane C. Mason


Comment by pjfinn

You fools don’t even have enough votes to stop the Iraq War, nevertheless impeach anybody. You’re just impotent keyboard jockeys.

Comment by Birko

I’ve said this before, but that’s fine with
me. Lay the cards out, put up or shut up,
put your money where your mouth is, and other
such hackneyed phrases. I have a cynical feeling,
though, that the Democrats really like
talking about this perceived problem rather
than doing anything about it.

Comment by TMM

Every politician fears for his/her political well-being, which tends to rob them of the courage to do what they feel is right. I’ll give credit to Bush for sticking to what he thinks is right (but he is oh-so wrong!) But his policies are creating terrorists. Not to mention the Soviet Union is quietly slipping back into the hands of communists while we ignore Bin Laden and occupy Iraq. I have been less than satisfied with the Democrats, but they are still the most amendable to the will of the people. On the other hand, the GOP tends to tell people what they should believe.
For a long time I believed that impeachment would be bad for the country, but the corruption of this administration is just too obvious. We are no longer viewed as a strong nation. We are viewed as a fearful nation. We must show the courage to remove the corrupt from our government.

Comment by Scott

Very well said. I’d give no quarter to any
lawbreaker; Democrat, Republican, Average
Joe. I also think any punishment should
be swift and proportional. The
thing that bothers me about all the
impeachment talk is that it has just been
talk. If there are crimes, then prosecute
them. If not, then lets move on to those
other important matters you highlighted.

Comment by TMM


You don’t get it, dude. All the Democrats can do is TALK. Their whole platform is TALK filled with lies and innuendoes about Bush. You know, the “scandal of the week” routine. It does nothing and accomplishes nothing except pollute the thinking of small minds, such as we find in Scott’s head.

Comment by Birko

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