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Messy and disgusting
April 17, 2007, 6:16 pm
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Last night I stayed up late to entertain myself with television after another incredibly stressful day at work. No relief at all there. First, I watched as the media groped the story of the mass murder at Virginia tech. Yes, groped. Like a drunken high school student with a pretty girl.

Then I went to PBS to listen to stories from Iraq and Afghanistan. One of the soldiers who served there said that war is not like in the movies, where you blow up a bridge to help the greater cause of the war. It is messy and disgusting, he said. We civilians cannot possibly grasp what they face each and every day. I took this to heart. Bloggers, politicians, commentators, the man on the street…what the fuck do we know? Nothing. And this I believe. How can we possibly know what it is like to face death? Regardless of the circumstances, a violent death is our worst fear.

So to all those who wish to captialize on either of these horrors of the human condition, whether it be war or senseless massacre (is there a difference) I must ask….

What the fuck do you know?


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People are just scared. We don’t know anything and that is the scariest part.

Comment by Montana Fem

Exactly. We don’t know anything. What will happen on Wenesday? I think I know…but maybe not…

I know that there is another Guiness in the fridge…

Comment by Scott

What the fuck do I know? All I know is I love it–the death, the destruction, the carnage–it’s all part of this great drama called LIFE. And I love it.

To copy a line from Bob Seger– You can have your TV world, see you ’round.

Comment by CH Sportster

It gets better buddy. It has to.

Comment by Shane C. Mason

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