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April 17, 2007, 7:17 pm
Filed under: six beers later...

With a child on the way, I often ask myself  “why would I do this…bring another life into this world of unending pain?”

It is for the same reason that I steadfastly stick to the Democratic party, the party of the people, the party of dissent, the party that can’t seem to close ranks…

Hope. WE can change things…

You can’t stop hope. Those that still (!) support the likes of George W Bush hope that his failed policies will pan out. Those that want aliens to reveal themselves to us have hope. Those that pray for the second coming of Christ have hope (or is it faith?).

Some of us hope that the human race will realize that if they put the effort and money into realizing peace that they put into war…there is a chance for us and all creatures that inhabit this world. (It is just hope, you know…).

I sometimes still hope that Luke Skywalker is real.

I sometimes still hope that I will win the lottery.

I hope that my children will know peace and prosperity in this insane place…

What do you hope for?


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I hope that American someday fufills its promises, rather than having them constantly cut from underneath

Comment by colby natale

I’m not certain that I hope for anything for myself, anymore. But I hope that your children are always happy and healthy. Congrats.

Comment by Wulfgar

This is a blog right?

I’m here!

Comment by CH Sportster

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