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A little rusty and somewhat out of touch
April 6, 2007, 6:25 pm
Filed under: Fear, Legislators, The Future

That’s me. But I gotta say…

Our legislative Republicans have me baffled. They want everyone and anyone to be able to carry a concealed weapon, shoot first and think later. This bill is opposed by law enforcement and those burdened with common sense all across the state. Of course, Montanas Republican representatives would have you believe that they do this in the name of freedom…but then again…

They oppose voting. It seems that there is nothing more frightening to these politicians than long lines of voters. I can understand their trepidation after the dismal performance this session. But if you love freedom you gotta love voting, right?

Oh, and this same bunch wants to give my $400.00 property tax rebate to Wal Mart. Sure, I’ll save $47.00 on my property tax bill (until funding cuts force local taxes to increase) under their proposal…but Wal Mart will save hundreds of thousands. At least then they can pass on the savings to us, with merchandise formerly made in the USA but now made in China or Vietnam.

What is with this bunch?

And one more quick note: I watched Al Gore testify to congress about global warming. Twice. This man should be our next president. More on that later…


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Hey, if rusty was an excuse I’d have
frozen up long ago…thank God for
WD-40. Seriously, good to hear from
you. Wulfgar
had an interesting take on the bill,
(which you probably already saw).
For the most part, I agree with most
of what he said so I won’t re-hash it
here. Suffice to say I’d like to see
some of what is in there pass, but as
written, not this time. As for Al Gore,
well, some may say he should
have been
the President all
along, excepting me of course. We’ll
see if he takes another run at it…
personally, I think he likes his
situation just as it is, without the
scrutiny of campaigning to become
the next big boss man.

Comment by TMM

Damn it, TMM…you make it hard to bash Republicans!
I have to admit that I haven’t been paying much attention to politics lately, just glancing at headlines and the local news… but what I have heard from BOTH sides lately is making me crazy.

Thanks for stopping by my rusty old blog…

Comment by Scott

Hey, don’t hold back on my account, I can
take it, besides, we all need a good bop
on the noggin every now and then to keep
ourselves honest.

Comment by TMM

I guess it’s true. The asshole Wuflgar has sent out a call for all assholes to restart their blogs. Now you and Shane and Wulfgar can start rubbing asshole on a regular basis again.

Comment by Kevin

Thanks for your insightful comment Kevin.

Comment by Scott

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