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Helping Dogs
February 3, 2007, 9:30 pm
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My bleeding heart liberal tedencies are surfacing again I guess. I really love dogs, and would like to ask all five of my readers to consider volunteering or donating money to help our local animal shelter. Here is the link. It will be added to the list of good guys on my blogroll, as well as a site dedicated to helping people find their lost pets.

No, I didn’t lose my dog. It’s  that damned “shelter dogs” commercial.

Gets me every time.

And no, P-Hammer, I won’t join your Pug Dog Club.



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stupid libruls. They’re just animals. They’d probably eat you if you didn’t feed them. I think we should wipe them all out before they get us. If we don’t, they’ll be travelling in rabid packs before long, eating our children, peeing in our gardens, and shitting in our yards. END THE MADNESS!
My new favorite website is

Comment by troutburst

Heh, my daughters love to go to the shelter and walk the critters. We don’t take them as often as they would like, but will make a special trip just for you.

Comment by Shane C. Mason

a bleeding heart liberal indeed. you self proclaim to be a dog lover scott but then why do you spend so much time talking about cats and bunnies at work? Too late, you are as good as in the pug club now. It all starts with a can of chili…you will see.

Comment by phammer

Do I smell poop?

Comment by Goes Around

Are you at the humane society?

Comment by Scott

A can of chili to get into pHammer’s Pug club? Hehe, the annual dues in our local Pug club is a bleeding liberal heart. 🙂

Comment by Michelle Arthur

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