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We are terrified…
January 31, 2007, 3:08 pm
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mooninites.jpg…of this.


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I’m not sure the ‘we’ should be included,
maybe just the off-center city dwellers.
I’d lay odds that if one showed up around
here it would be full of bullet holes long
before the panic arrived.

Comment by TMM

Hey, it’s Massachusetts. The state is full of fairies and girlie men.

Comment by John Kerry

What bugs the hell out of me about this is that we live in a climate of fear where these are interpreted as ‘threatening’. Bullshit.

Comment by Shane C. Mason

Climate of Fear = Climate Change = Bullshit

You said it, Shane Boy!

Comment by NAZZ

Hey, look! I got trolls!

Comment by Scott

The funniest part is they were around for weeks in quite a few other cities. Did you see the press conference the two guys that were arrested in Boston gave today? check out to see it. it’s freakin hilarious

Comment by troutburst

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