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Some employ fear. I prefer sarcasm.
January 23, 2007, 8:03 pm
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Still on the fear, Republican status quo? You guys really need to seek some sort of help with this addiction.

I know, I know…it helps you feel powerful. Serve up the fear, and then offer the cure.

“Obama rhymes with Osama! His middle name is Hussien!”

We don’t fall for the name thing. Next?

Insight magazine and Fox, along with other right wing mouth-foamers recently reported that Barak Obama was educated in a radical Muslim school known as “Madrassa” and attempted to link the story to…the name that shall not be spoken. I’ll get to that name in a second. But first, It’s only January of 2007 guys- pace yourselves! The story has already been debunked.

But that whole fear thing has really worked for your party hasn’t it? It hasn’t worked very well for the U.S.A. but at least it gave you the White House in 2004, and control of congress until that little incident where Democrats won control of congress and started working for the people.

But maybe fear can still work…the maniacs of Al Qaeda have offered up new hope for your fear mongering, the gay people are still out there, and Roe v. Wade still stands (despite your many promises over the past several election cycles).

But wait…there is the biggest fear ever known to hard-core neo-cons yet to be dealt with. A name so terrible that it dare not even be spoken in some circles. The name that distracted an entire congress from its duty to this country while Osama (the one with the “s”) planned his attack on our country…Clinton! 

But this time, it’s Hillary!

Father Jonathan* is quick to warn us that “Good women don’t deserve votes because they are women … they deserve them because they are good.” Bonus! She is both! Good, and a woman! (I hope that she wasn’t educated in a radical Muslim school. That would really be a kick in the ass.)

I don’t yet know who I’ll vote for. I will be listening to them, as well as all the other contenders from both parties over the next couple of years. Then I (not my fears) will decide.

You have fear. I have sarcasm. Both tend to yield limited results and can backfire. Both probably result from some weakness of the mind, but my sarcasm will never require the limitation or reduction of freedoms…

*Father Jonathan has removed this story from the Fox website. There seems to be no archive for the story I linked to.


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Do you really think America will elect a man named Barak Husein Obama? I would also point out that Hillary is the one who brought up Muslim Madrassa education Not us “right wing mouth foamers”.

And yes, I have fear. I still remember the attacks on 9/11 and the 3000 people killed. I remember the attack on the USS Cole. I remember the first attack on the World Trade Center. I fear radical Muslim extremists. I fear terrorism becoming common on our shores. I fear Liberal and Democrat pacifists who would capitulate and embolden them. You are damn right I have fear.

Carter started this mess and Clinton ignored it’s escalation.

Comment by Andy B. Hammond

I am certain that the terrorists are gratified to learn that they have been successful in terrorizing you. Most Americans aren’t afraid. They are pissed. They are vigilant. Not scared.

Perhaps you could point out some of these liberal pacifists that wish to embolden terrorists? I believe it is those that live in fear who embolden the terrorists.

You obviously didn’t read the article on CNN…Hillary had nothing to do with the Madrassa B.S.

And yes, I do think America will elect a candidate based on his (or her) qualities and qualifications rather than his (or her) name.

Your revisionist “history” of how events in the middle east culminated in terrorism against the U.S. (Carter and Clinton) is simplistic at best, dangerous at worst. Try gaining an actual understanding.

Comment by Scott

Do not mistake this post as a shot at all republicans. I respect the true conservatives and see that they are moving to regain their party. I do not think that conservatism should be eradicated, which is exactly what the republicanists would wish on the democratIC party . Both parties (and more, I hope, someday) are vital to the function of our republic. We need debate.
This was aimed squarely at the Bush administration (and staunch supporters), who (as Cheney pointed out today) do not feel that they have made any major mistakes, and constantly return to fear as their base of power.

Comment by Scott

Even conservatives should understand that “to everything there is a season.” The balance is made by dichotomy, no one will thrive in a society where you are forced to believe what you cannot make your heart and mind except. History has shown us this; we need to be better stewards of our history or the United States will end up not only being the most hated Nation (which arguably we are at this time because of this administration)on earth but the most laughed at for it’s hubris and ignorance.

Comment by Montana Fem

I’m left wondering what political operative
in their right (or left) mind would think
his name would matter one whit. This
hyperventilation over minutia is something
I would expect out of the MT GOP. Anyway,
Mrs. Clinton’s lack of core belief is what
bothers me the most about her. It may well
get her elected, however. As a final
aside, though I agree with MF’s assessment
of the importance of debate, our popularity in the world has never been much of a concern
for me. Call me a misanthrope.

Comment by TMM

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