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“Build it!” is not the most popular bumper sticker in Mexico.
January 2, 2007, 6:30 pm
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Ok…one last post about Mexico.

I was unsure what to expect when I got off the plane in Puerto Vallarta. Most of what we are exposed to when it comes to Mexico is negative. So let me tell you about the good and the bad that I experienced in my brief stay.

The people of Mexico were kind and helpful, willing to put up with my linguistic ignorance (I should have taken the time to learn some Spanish), and their culture is one based in Christianity (Mostly Catholic, I believe). This is evident not only in the art displayed and sold by the locals, but also in their kindness and welcoming demeanor. They are not the mean spirited, divisive, politically driven right wing type Christians that are abundant here…they are devoted to the meaning of Christianity and living by its teachings.

We gringos head to mexico for a number of reasons…the beautiful beaches, sunny weather, excellent food (!), etc. Mexico offers us something we want, and the people of Mexico invite us in. Immigrants from Mexico head to America because we have something to offer…jobs and decent pay for a days work.

If Mexico did not benefit in some way from our presence there, they would not want us to come. If we did not offer something to them here in America, they would not come. If we did not benefit in some way from their presence, their would be nothing available here for them. But we do offer them something…and then complain when they come.

I was relieved to be welcomed in a country of which we so often speak ill, especially about its people. I imagined how I would feel watching a truck full of Mexicans drive by with a “Gut shoot ’em at the border” bumper sticker. What if my family depended on me to bring home the basics of survival from a country that both offered me employment and told me to get out? What would be the “Christian” thing to do? Build a fence, of course. 

Whoops, I just noticed the soapbox I was standing on. Please excuse me.

As I was saying, the people of Mexico were very kind. We ate some of the best food I have ever tasted…actual food without preservatives and chemicals and hormones. If it weren’t for many long walks along the amazing beaches I may have gained ten pounds. I grew fond of Pacifico and lime Margaritas on the rocks. Night life is centered around the town square, where various performers entertained crowds with drumming and dancing and big honkin’ firecrackers.

The unpaved streets were crowded with pedestrians, cars, motorcycles, and dogs, all vying for space, with dogs being the usual losers. Do not go to Mexico if you are a “dog person”. While I never witnessed a dog hit by a car, I saw some injured animals having a tough go of life on the streets. I saw no evident poverty…the town of Sayulita is growing and the residents seem to be doing well.

How fortunate we are to share borders with Mexico to our south, and Canada to our north.

I hope to go back to Mexico some day.  Unless they build a fence.


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In the past three years we have tripled border security to our southern border. Result? More people got past the security and came on in.

Brilliant spending move by the government. pfftt.

Comment by Cece

“actual food without preservatives and chemicals and hormones.”

I was wondering how you confirmed there were no Preservatives, chemicals or hormones in the food you ate? Mexico does not have as strict of laws as the US when it comes to food safety and the chemicals you can put on food so I would like to know how you verified these claims?

Food safety and security is a big thing of mine and I like to know these things. The US isn’t perfect in these regards but there better than most third world countries who don’t regulate what farmers use of chemicals at all. Many that are banned in the US and other first world countries are routinely used in third world countries.

Comment by Sarpy Sam

I did not verify…my mission was not fact-finding in nature. I can tell you what I experienced was food that was delicious. That is my only evidence, other than what I heard from others. I admit it…this post was not fact checked and researched. It was from the gut (most of my posts are) and if I have offended (or presented wildly inaccurate information), I apologize.

Comment by Scott

I’m sorry, my comment wasn’t meant as an attack and I apologize if you took it that way. I was just trying to point out you don’t always know what’s in your food and to make assumptions can be dangerous.

Comment by Sarpy Sam

Um, we drop our money there; they drop their subhuman offspring here. Big difference, asshole.

Comment by Nathan

Thanks Nathan. You are truly brilliant.

Comment by Scott

This fall I ended up in the ER with my nephew who had a nasty cut on his arm from a bike wreck. As I was checking him in I noticed a rough looking man with an older Mexican man. The nurse was shaking her head and they were arguing. The rough looking man turned out to be a foreman on a job that he had a large amount of Mexicans working on. This particular one had injured his arms somehow. The only thing I did hear clearly was the foreman saying good luck to the man as he headed out the door. We were parked in the first stall at the ER and he was sitting in a chair holding his wrist and appeared to be in a lot of pain. The nurse was trying to be nice, I could tell but the lanquage barrier was not making it easy. She started saying the same things to him only louder as if he had a hearing problem rather than the inability to speak the language. I took four horrible years of Spanish in college and I am by no means fluent but he kept saying please help me and my family. I sat in the room with my nephew and pretended to read a magazine but I was profoundly moved by the experience. Finally someone was brought in that new some Spanish. I heard one of the attendants say, “They should teach them some English before they let them across the border.” It was all that I could do to sit there and keep my mouth shut because of the various ways I felt this statement should be responded to. None of them nice. Anyway, it is a hard subject to broach. I have had my prejudice moments;avoided the Smiths service bar because of all of the Mexicans, felt nervous when walking by large groups of them, but I am rational enough to know that my feelings are socialized by the environment of hate and fear that we breed behind the veil of a Christian Nation. When a Christian person starts acting bigoted I often ask them what would Jesus do? Sometimes, I am sorry to say, I have to ask myself that question.

Comment by Montana Fem

Hey, “Nathan” this ain’t WRiM. Don’t even bother commenting again on this site.

Comment by Scott

I will be really sad if the response to my comment is why you are “over it”. I don’t mind being defamed for my thoughts. People react to you because they fear and they know deep down, you are right. I hope you will continue to write soon. I will miss your humor and intelligent discourse.

Miss C Word!! 🙂

Comment by Montana Fem

No, it would take more than a dimwitted foul mouthed moron to discourage me. I am just too busy, and when I sit down to write, nothing comes to me at the moment.

Comment by Scott

>>I imagined how I would feel watching a truck full of Mexicans drive by with a “Gut shoot ‘em at the border” bumper sticker.<<

You completely miss the point… The old bumpersticker with the phrase “Gut shoot ’em at the border” Wasn’t aimed at Mexicans–in fact, when it was popular, Mexicans weren’t even in the equation. It was aimed at Californians–primarily wacko liberal Californians–who want to move into the state and change it so that it’s “the way things were in California.” Years ago there was an article in National Geographic titled “Should we build a fence around Montana.” The answer, in this Montanan’s mind, is a resounding YES!!!

Comment by Ken

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