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Merry (war on) Christmas!
December 12, 2006, 9:05 am
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I heard an interview on NPR a couple of weeks ago about blogging. I can’t remember who was being interviewed, but in regards to blogging he said, “If everybody is talking, who is left to listen?”

I have decided to listen, just for a while. In the mean time, I will be attending Chistmas parties, going to Mexico, and hanging out with my family for the holidays.

See ya next year.


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Um…can’t blogging be a dialogue? Why do these ass hats always try to stick a business model on everything we do? The world isn’t necessarily divided into consumers and producers…

Comment by touchstone

Touchstone’s point notwithstanding, it is
an interesting phenomenon. As for your
break, have fun, enjoy the family, don’t
imbibe too much, and take some pictures
when you’re down Mexico way. I’ve only
been once -to Cozumel- for some scuba
diving, and I really enjoyed it, except for
the abject poverty that saddens the heart.
By the way, thanks for the vote over at
Wulfgar’s place, not sure I deserve it, but
it is appreciated. Anyway, enjoy yourself,
I’ll look forward to your return.

Comment by TMM

don’t drink the water! we’ll save some snow for ya!

Comment by catnapping

merry……happy….. joyous…..

or for the truly cynical…. merry friggin winter! LOLOLOL

Comment by miranda mouse

And in the new year, off to jail you go for having that little penis in your mouth.

(I wasn’t aware that having a little penis in ones mouth was punishable with jail time. Thanks for the warning.) -scott

Comment by Goes Around

i hate people.
Have fun in Mexico. Tell everyone down there that the U.S. sucks, and they don’t want to come here.

Comment by troutburst

I am a native Montanan married to a Canadian girl with a little penis!

Comment by Comes Around

Scott, not certain if you’ll get this in time, but, if you need someone to mind the store and bitchslap the trolls while you’re gone just drop me a line.

Comment by Wulfgar

Just doing a little butt sniffing, wulfie?

Comment by BMX

I am so seldomly visited by trolls…welcome guys. Thanks for spreading your holiday cheer cheer around, and remember to keep the X in X-mas!
Wulfgar, feel free to smack ’em around if so inclined, but they are their own worst enemy.

I’m off to Mexico…see ya all soon.

Merry Christmas!

Comment by wacko

Off to Mexico, eh? Slumming with the subhumans for Christmas. How typically cheap-assed liberal of you.

Comment by Plugged In

No, I will not be spending Christmas with republicans. I will be hanging out with a bunch of Canadians in Mexico. My god, that probably makes your stomach churn, doesn’t it?

Comment by Scott

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