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2008 warning shots
November 21, 2006, 7:28 pm
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There is no time like the present to start talking about it. The elections of 2008 will probably be the nastiest and hardest fought…ever. Much of the Democrats hopes for 2008 lie in what they accomplish, or fail to accomplish, in the next 2 years. There is also the inability of the republican party to start acting conservative again.

We already have a host of Republicans stepping up for their shot at power over the free world (and the other parts of the world soon to be “free”).

The die-hard Bush supporter and flip-flopping Senator from Arizona: John McCain. How enjoyable it will be to listen as neo-con pundits back-pedal when he wins the party nomination. He has been blasted by every one of them as a librul in conservative clothing.

There is the no-name republican guy from somewhere that announced his candidacy prior to the mid-terms.

The lovely and talented Newt GinGrinch has written a new book and takes every opportunity to get some spotlight. The arcitect of the failed “republican revolution” and the “Contract with on America” is a nasty campaigner and mean-spirited politician. He will run on a conservative reformer platform (as will all of them, not a single sincere voice in the crowd). Sayeth Newt: “I am not ‘running’ for president. I am seeking to create a movement to win the future by offering a series of solutions so compelling that if the American people say I have to be president, it will happen.”

Then there is the former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani. “Thank God that George Bush is our president, and thank God that Dick Cheney, a man with his experience and his knowledge and his strength and his background, is our vice president.”

Sam BrownbackMitt Romney, and BILL FRIST are also said to be considering a run at the White House. What do these guys care about? Gay marriage! Assisted suicide! Flag Burning! As we all know, these things are foremost on our minds as we confront them constantly in our day to day lives.

With this field of contenders, expect more of the same…

Coming soon: The Godless terrorist loving blame America first tax and spend Democrats.


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All I say to these hopefulls is BRING IT ON!

Comment by Shane C. Mason

I wonder if McCain can suck up enough to get past the Republican base in the primary. He’s certainly trying. I guess we’ll see.

Comment by Jeff

Not much to choose from over on the right, is there? Same old same old…

Comment by Scott

Rick Santorim might be a name worth watching. Just a thought…..not as much baggage as the rest. But then, what do I know —– by that time I will live in another country! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Comment by miranda mouse

Miranda, good luck in Canada. LOLOLOLO….

Comment by Scott

Newt Gingrich campaigned on the contract for
America and the House of Representatives
passed almost every item in the contract. He is
a brilliant man, a historian, and an educator. As
soon as he became speaker, the left wing
media attacked him, including major magazines
like Time and Newsweek. His discourse on C-
Span were brilliant, educational and gave an
understanding of modern America in terms of
history and the trends of history. Yet one
small phrase he may have uttered of
frustration with 40 years of corruption and
control by a democratic congress is all that
would be reported.
Liberals feared him immediately because they
knew he
was better and smarter than them, so they,
with the whole major media on their side,
came up with the term “mean-spirited.”
Anybody with intellectual honesty would have
found Gingrich’s insights and plans for
America of interest, in that they
would steer public denpendence away from
the government and toward private institutions,
according to the observations of De Toqueville
and many others. Liberals hate this stuff, they
want goverment to control everything when it
can barely keep its own records. Gingrich
would ask, if a person can call Fed Ex, or their
credit card company, and immediately find out
where there package is, in transit, and have
immediate access to their records, why can’t
the government perform as effieciently, instead
of being the huge bureaucratic, unresponsive,
self-perpetuating mess that it is. Liberals fear
such language, because they know it is right.
It was Gingrich, by the way, who balanced the
budget, not Clinton. Clinton was against it time
and again and never supported it. Gingrich ran
on it and lead his congress to accomplish it.
We need more people like Gingrich and less
like the above writer who favors the state
over the individual. It is always surprising to
liberals when they are tagged as those who
suupport the state over individuals,
but that is what almost all of their ideas
lead to, a larger government with more
control. Got a good idea? Want to help
people? Then go out and do it yourself
and/or raise money. The government will
never do it well, only tax and tax and fail to
perform. It is the nature of government,
to serve itself rather than the people, and
Gingrich recongized this. Doing so he vio-
lated the sesnsibilities of the liberal media,
which lined up against him with negative
cover stories in the very first days of his
tenure as speaker.

Comment by David

David: There is no liberal media. That excuse for bad behavior is wearing thin. I watched Newt on c-span back in the day. He used mean spirited rhetoric and empty catch phrases in his campaigns. The rest of the party caught on quickly and followed suit. Newt realized that this will not work anymore, so he has changed his tune. Oh, and the myth of “big government democrats” is long gone. Under the last 6 years of republican rule government has expanded to its largest size ever. Give the talking points a rest.

Comment by Scott

canada? not on your life…… can’t stand them….have no use for them (oh practice for the border guards), have had no good repose with them….. I have one that I would kick so hard that he wouldn’t need to sh*t for a long time…… never canada!…. they don’t even make good bacon….. but of course that’s kind of off my list to eat anyway! LOLOLOLOL

Now give me a good war zone and I am ALL THERE!
gonna miss you! but I’ll check in from time to time… just to keep you in line!
Ahuvi- ani ohav otach

Comment by miranda mouse

Hey! My wife is Canadian! I will see you Monday…

Comment by Scott

🙂 ahhhhh the showdown in the “ok” corral! LOLOLOL
you’re on cowboy!

I’ll win you know…… 🙂

Comment by miranda mouse

David, you’re so misguided I actually shit my pants reading your diatribe. I could fill entire websites devoted to the misgivings of your hero Newt, but I’ll just give you this little tidbit. He served his wife with divorce papers while she was in the hospital with cancer. That’s a great man for ya! Oh yeah, and he says gay marriage is a threat to traditional marriage. Doesn’t he want for a gay couple the same level of love and commitment he had with his first wife? Or perhaps the lifelong trust and understanding he had with his second wife? Or maybe the ubreakable bond that he may or may not have with his third wife?

Comment by troutburst

say no

Comment by Anonymous

Some great names were not even mentioned.
Like Ms Condo Rice, Mr Coleen Powel, Obama himself, ect.
Of course these are on untutchable list.
Open your eyes and read your own article.
Senate majority ( presently democrat for a while)is a great counterweight to the president.All they do is sit there and do… nothing.
What did Obama do as a senator? Nothing!
He is a part of furniture in any office.
Forget Obama. Focus on either Hillary or McCain.
There is no one else on the list.

Comment by observer

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