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election night random notes, part one
November 8, 2006, 2:31 am
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Tester 56%

Burns 42%

19% precincts reporting


Tester 52%

Burns 46% 

Update as of 9:14pm

Tester 55%

Burns 43%

Here is a quick election night tracker from CNN.

I had the honor of listening to Tammy Hall preach the Republican value of tolerance while she hung up on callers that disagreed with her tonight. She even hung up on me. ME!

Did some doors today…most folks were not home (I took the day off). Overall very positive.

I have heard about all the dirty tricks courtesy of the Republicans, from voter intimidation on the reservations, to calls saying that if you requested an absentee ballot you were ineligible to vote, to filthy calls about Jon Testers son.

It sounds like electronic voting machines work perfectly. NOT!

Poor John Sinrud. It seems that there are flyers in the mail that don’t speak too highly of his voting record on domestic violence issues. He is upset. Hey, John, I get 3-4 bullshit flyers from the Repubs EVERY DAY that attack Jon Tester. How does it feel? Probably not so good. Your party set the tone.

More later, maybe…


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real time results for montana

Comment by troutburst

My nerves are shot…

Comment by Scott

mine too. i’m just a huge ball of nervous energy

Comment by troutburst

how is it fox and cnn have more votes being reported than the sec. of state?

Comment by troutburst

mt. sec. of state is showing much different results than cnn. tester is killing burns according to s.s. Lindeen is leading as well

Comment by troutburst

If Burns is truly on his way out of office, I can only congratulate the people of Montana. If he does manage to sneak through, however, it’ll be hard for him to run his business from a federal prison cell. Either way, looks like he’s to be off the books and out of your pockets. Cheers from California.

Comment by Eve

Too early…looks good…

Comment by Scott

is it too early for lindeen to concede? rehberg just gave his victory speech

Comment by troutburst

looks like a recount in VA. Webb leads by 1% w/ 100% of precincts reporting. McKaskill leading in MO…. looks like we just might get the senate too

Comment by troutburst

Jon only has a 5 point lead at 11:40…I’m having an aneurism.

Comment by Scott

no returns from gallatin county yet though. tester will most certainly win gallatin county

Comment by troutburst

mckaskill is increasing her lead in MO

Comment by troutburst

Mckaskill appears to have won.

Comment by Scott

only two to go. go tester. go webb

Comment by troutburst

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