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The abortion plane comes to Bozeman
November 3, 2006, 11:38 pm
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I see that Bozeman has been targeted by the infamous anti-abortion plane.

Everyone is furious about it. They are furious because not only do they not want to see it, but also due to the questions their children are asking about it. Teachers are being asked by very young children “what does it mean?” Parents are forced to explain what teachers don’t want to.

And who does everyone connect it too? The Republican party.

Nicely done. Right before the election.

 Note: The Insane Fisherman attended the “Victory Rally” in Billings. Read all about it here.


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Being a dumb Republican, I don’t understand this post.

Can you please clarify. And please us easy words.

Comment by Andy B.Hammond

I arrived back in town yesterday and saw the plane as well. The several stops I made while out and about I overheard several comments about the plane and the people behind it’s message. None of them were good.

Comment by troutburst

Look, the airplane banner is dumb,
all it does is inflame passions,
it won’t convince anybody of
anything. In addition to that it is practically
unintelligible. I’m anti-abortion,
but this approach is pointless. That
being said, I don’t see how this
“forces” anybody to do anything. If
one of my young sons asked me about
it, I would just say it was an airplane
with a political sign. If it offended
me, I might even say it was a knucklehead
who had too much time on his hands.
I agree your side of the isle should
be pleased to see it, for all it
will really do is fire up your base,
and once again reinforce the
stereotype of the
knuckle dragging, bible pounding
self righteous Republican zealot.

Comment by TMM

While I was in Disney World this summer, there was a plane that skywrote everyday. Nice things about how Jesus was going to send me to hell. It was very annoying because I feel like the sky is the LAST place that we don’t have advertisement. It certainly should NOT be used for political gain.

Comment by Shane Mason

Andy- the airplane flies over town with a large banner featuring an aborted fetus.

How would the public react if a plane flew around with a banner featuring the mangled body of a US soldier killed in Iraq that read “stop the war”?

I don’t get the double standard. Killing is only OK if the person has already been born, or if they happen to live in a country we are at war with?

Help me out here.

Comment by Scott

My brother was telling me about this last night. It’s apparently quite amusing to the kids on campus. That is, when they can actually tell what’s on the banner.

Comment by Jeff

Well, first of all I think the public would
react very badly to your hypothetical
banner, probably much worse than the
reaction we are seeing to the anti-abortion
goof balls who are currently blocking our
views. Is that a double standard? I
think it is, make of it what you will.

With regard to your statement that killing
is o.k. after one has been born, I believe
you are assuming I think killing is o.k.,
it is not, with one very important caveat:
If someone is attempting to kill me, I
believe I am morally justified, if not
morally required, to use lethal force to
prevent that. I think an argument can
be made to extrapolate from there to
defending someone else, then to war, but
unfortunately I’m about to head out to
attempt to find that key ingredient again,
so I’ll have to debate that with you later.
Interesting point, and have a good weekend.

Comment by TMM

[…] I cleaned my garage today. Made two trips to the dump, where I saw the abortion plane flying around. Sat down at my computer 1353 times. Had no idea what to do so I did stuff like google for ‘watermelon’ or ‘how are aluminum cans made’. I go to google news and look at the headlines but can’t focus enough to read an entire article. I was entertained by the Insane Fisherman’s take on the Victory Rally. Watch TV for a few minutes, but my wife changes the channel every time a Burns commercial comes on. I have tried to write 234 posts here. I want to write something that will make this all be over and done with a happy ending. I can’t. My computer is simply not that powerfull. […]

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[…] What is it with people bringing up dead soldiers in Iraq in response to abortion? Scott did it the other day and I think Wulfgar has said something similar. […]

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