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The War on Halloween
October 27, 2006, 7:39 pm
Filed under: Fear

Imagine my horror. I walk into a local big box store to see a banner announcing “Spooktacular savings!”

No “Halloween sale” or “Halloween special”.

I knew what was happening right away. They are trying to take the Halloween out of Halloween, in a desperate bid not to offend anyone. We see it everywhere. Bars have “Scariest costume contests” on the weekend, even when Halloween (yes, hallow-haters, I said Halloween!) is on a weekday! Kids can’t dress up on Halloween during school hours except at a “designated time” usually meaning the last hour of the day!

At work, people are expected to dress professionally or in a way that won’t interfere with their job duties or cause disruption. Halloween traditionalists get upset when they are told-more and more these days- that separation of work and fun is fundamental to work place safety and productivity.

Local officials, or activist halloween haters as I call them, are pushing parents to forego the tradtion of door-to-door trick-or-treating and go to the mall! THE MALL! They claim it is safer for children and more conveinient for parents. Whatever, Hallow-Haters!

What’s next, citizens? Changing October 31st to “scary day” or “spooky day?” Will the hallow-haters make us carve watermelons rather than the good old all American pumpkin?

Don’t be fooled by the anti-Halloween media. The danger is not from scary monsters this year…it is the Hallow-haters we should all beware of.


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Perhaps you might like to attend one of our local churches “Harvest Festivals”,but please do not come dressed as a ghost, witch, zombie or God forbid a devil. What a drag! Nobody knows how to have fun anymore.
Suzanne A.

Comment by suzanne austin

Yes, a harvest festival! Can we dress as our favorite biblical charachter? I want to be Ruth.

Comment by Shane Mason

wow, I am impressed…….very nicely done!

Comment by miranda mouse

I am dressing up as Conrad Burns. Hopefully I can talk one of my friends into going as a firefighter so I can curse at him all night.

Comment by Scott

What is your opinion regarding CHRISTmas? Do your prefer Happy Holidays or Merry Chirstmas?

Do you agree with taking Christ out of Chirstmas?

Comment by Andy B.Hammond

I have no problem with Merry Christmas.
Liberals don’t want to take the Christ out of Christmas. Those who think it is about purchasing things have already taken care of that…

Comment by Scott

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