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Republicans love terrorists
October 20, 2006, 5:54 pm
Filed under: Fear, vote for me

Watch the ad “The Stakes” from the GOP here.

The GOP wants you to be terrified. Just like the terrorists.


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Was it my imagination, or did I see a little girl picking a single flower there just before the bomb went off? Having Henry K. around is having strange effects on the GOP lately. First Connie Burns let it slip about the secret plan, now the doomsday ad? Next up, George W. Bush: “I am not a crook!” I can’t wait.

Comment by Tim Huffman

Hmmm… I’m surprised they bothered to put Osama’s picture in there right at the beginning. It makes me wonder why we took resources out of Afghanistan to go into Iraq, and why we haven’t captured or killed him yet. Didn’t our glorious leader say he didn’t think about Bin Laden that much? This ad has the opposite effect on me than was intended.

Comment by troutburst

Republicans love terrorists? ARE YOU NUTS?
Ask the terrorists who they love, bet the answer is liberals. How naive can you be. What are you 10 years old?

Comment by TL Myers

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