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Secrets, lies, and spin
October 18, 2006, 7:38 pm
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I have been a bit light on posting, so I want to cover some things I have missed.

The Tammy and Eric show (featuring John Sinrud)

Each Tuesday between 4 and 6 on AM 1450, listeners in the Gallatin valley are treated to right wing wacko Tammy Hall as she spouts lies about, well, everything. She has Eric Iverson on every show, talking about what a liar Jon Tester is, and what a great man Conrad burns is. Last night they talked about how outraged they were when, at the Helena debate, the candidates were asked to say somehting good about each other, and Jon Tester insulted Conrad, while Conrad spoke nicely of Jon Tester. Spin? No. Lie? Yes.

I called in and invited everyone who actually saw or listened to the debate to measure all of Tammy and Eric’s comments by this one bald faced lie. Of course John Sinrud calls in to obfuscate the truth with technical sounding goble-de-gook and budget related quantum mathematics.

I encourage everyone in the Gallatin valley to listen to and call in to this fact-free segment of “open range”. Once again it is on AM1450, every Tuesday between 4 and 6 pm. The number is 587-0171. Have your facts ready…

Secret Plan for Victory!

My God, Conrad. How fricken stupid do you think we are? If there is a plan, get on it! If not, just shut up. Iraq is spinning so far out of control that unless this plan involves the “League of Justice” nothing is going to turn it around. If the secret plan involves invading or bombing Iran, kiss your ass goodbye. America won’t stand for another war.


To the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee: Your ads are not helping. Go Home.


I have had the opportunity to hang out with Jeff, CeCe, Rob, Shane,  and to briefly meet Colby. These are good folks who will make you laugh, make you think, and let you know that you are in the company of friends.


Our candidates need your support. TODAY.


My damned computer has died again. I will post when I can…


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I was listening yesterday during Open Range, and I find it interesting that Tammy frequently, and by frequently i mean ALL THE TIME, refers to her christian ideals, and the fact that she’s a born again christian. I wonder how she can, as a devout born again christian, support coerced abortions in Saipan, torture, war, and lying. I tried calling in to ask her this, but never got through. I’ll try again next tuesday.

Comment by troutburst

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