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Cooking liberally
October 14, 2006, 11:59 pm
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Life has had me busy. I apologize for the absence, as I am certain you have all missed my witty and insightful postings.

General hunting season opens next Sunday, so rather than spewing politics I will post a recipe.

Vennison Birquettes

You will need:

Vennison chops, whipped cream cheese (must be whipped), chives or green onions, bacon, Montreal steak seasoning.

Pound out and tenderize chops until they are about 1/4″ thick. Sprinkle both sides of chops with seasoning. I use plenty of seasoning, almost coating them.

Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees.

Mix chopped chives or onions with whipped cream cheese.

Place a layer of chops in a greased baking pan and cover, liberally, with cream cheese.

Place another layer of chops on top.

Cover the whole thing with raw bacon. You may want to put some tin foil over the top, as it will splatter grease and smoke up the house if you don’t.

Cook for a half hour or more until done.

Serve with potatoes and beer.

This is a delicious way to serve vennison, especially if you have shot a particularily gamey mule deer buck.

And remember to vote Democratic to insure that you will have access to the public lands where you harvested your fine deer.


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Oh sure…now my stomach will swell
up more than my neck already is!
Seriously, it sounds great, the
problem for me is finding the key

Comment by TMM

TMM, look hehind you…

Comment by Shane Mason

I knew I was doing something wrong!

Comment by TMM

I’m going out hunting for mule deer for the first time in my life this year. I’m sure it will be an interesting experience. The trick will be actually pulling the trigger if I get one in my sights. If I do bag one, I will most definitely try that recipe. It sounds great. Glad you’re back, btw.

Comment by troutburst

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