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Desperation sets in for Burns camp…
October 7, 2006, 3:15 pm
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What the hell is this?   burnssucks.doc

Write Don Kreitz with your answer.

(Thanks S.A.)


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unfortunately I can’t read the document. it says the file is corrupt. can you cut and paste it into your post?

Comment by troutburst

It is an ad in the Chronicle that says:
Is it true that Senator Conrad Burns’ opponent can’t be trusted? Provide facts please. Paid for by Don Kreitz, 2001 fairway drive, Bozeman MT.  59715

Comment by Scott

interesting. I’m not sure what to make of it. Anybody know who Don Kreitz is?

Comment by troutburst

Never mind… here’s all you need to know about Don…taken from Conrad’s website

Letter To The Editor of The Week
Great Falls Tribune

Patriot Foremost

It’s never too soon for me to make up my mind about who to vote for in the November elections.

Off the bat, Montana’s U.S. Sen. Burns is way above in so many ways that it was easy for me to declare my vote for his re­election.

My main reason, and there are many more, is that Sen. Burns is an American patriot. He supports our great President George W. Bush in economic matters and understands our president’s unfailing determination to win the war on terrorism – which we will win.

Likewise – for the long list of issues confronting America’s leadership, there is a much-need­ed understanding of our ideolo­gy, our government, and the true nature of Americanism. Those, and many other contemporary issues, are solved by experience.

Sen. Burns has that. He’s a “today man,” plans tomorrow, and lives for the future for you and me.

You have my recommendation for a vote for Sen. Burns’ re-election. Your vote effort will be noted (you know where), and it will be the best thing you have done for our community, Montana, and for our great United States of America!

Don Kreitz

Comment by troutburst

Burns voted to extend the suspension of habeas corpus and the right to torture to all americans last week. He’s on Garrison Keillor’s list of men and women who have forfeited their “right to speak in public about the rule of law anymore, or to take a high moral view of the Third Reich, or to wax poetic about the American Ideal.”

What a patriot.

Comment by simon

“…..Sen. Burns is an American patriot…..”,
“determination to win the war on terrorism – which we will win.”

Hummmmm if this man knew what I knew about Burns and his “stand” on Homeland security…. he would be afraid……
And my darling- you know I know the secret that Burns doesn’t want out……Ask the Bozeman 23 they know too.
always yours

Comment by miranda mouse

Krietz has also been active in opposing the new Bozeman library, and is on record as a supporter of Roger Koopman’s stalking of the city commission.

As to “who” he is, I can’t find a thing.

Comment by Wulfgar

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