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You could have had me, but you screwed up big time.
October 6, 2006, 4:21 am
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You could have had me. Not just me, but many others just like me. I should have been a Conservative. I believe in small government. Not just small in the sense of less spending, less taxes, but also in the sense of stay the hell out of my personal life. Conservatives should not be wasting time outlawing gay marriage and flag burning. They should not be imposing their morality upon us. No conservative, in the most faithful sense of conservatism, would intermingle their person religious belief with governance. The new conservative, or neocon, obfuscates the will of the people in a devious and destructive way. They stake their claim as the party of small government, while growing government agencies and spending. Corruption runs amok. K Street makes the laws, and sells them to our so-called representatives. And the neocons cry that this is just what they warned us about! Big government! Nevermind that it is they who are responsible for its ever more amorous hands feeling around our pocketbooks and person beliefs!

They stood against it. Then they built it. Now they want you and I to believe that they will save us from it. We are so digusted that we just don’t give a damn.

You could have had us. We love our guns. But we use them to hunt on land which you think should belong to private interests. Without somewhere to hunt what good are our guns except for use in the revolution? Yeah that’s right. Push me just a bit too hard, and guess what? I WILL PUSH BACK. This behavior is not unique. It is human nature.

Our country condones torture. To you torture is just a word or a scene in a movie. You would probably think of it differently if someone were pulling out your fingernails with a pair of pliers. Hell, you might confess to something JUST TO STOP THE EXCRUCIATING PAIN.

I am a liberal wacko. Once upon a time I may have been a conservative. Did I change? No, I stood firm in my beliefs, and extremism pulled the conservative line so far past me that to you, I became a liberal wacko. Too bad for you.


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Couldn’t a said better.

Comment by Wulfgar

Sounds like a manifesto to me…

Comment by Colby n.

Very powerful. Nothing to add except thanks for putting that out there.

Comment by Shane C. Mason

My only contention would be with the
perception that neocons are “small
government” conservatives. I’m no
expert on paleo vs. neo vs. cruchy vs.
whatever, but Mr. Bush has
never struck me as a small government
conservative (think ‘compassionate
conservatism’). You may be able to
point out his talking about small
government, but I can’t think of any.
He certainly hasn’t walked the
walk of a Newt style conservatism.
Further, I don’t see him claiming he’ll do
much of anything about the size
of government. For most of us on the
right, this is one of our largest
bones of contention with him.

Comment by TMM

Western democrats are finding a better way.

Traditionally, the republican party represtented two groups: the fiscal and social conservatives, and the fiscal liberals and social conservatives. The second group found that advancing their social agenda to be more important than advancing their fiscal agenda.

The democrats claimed only one group: the fiscal and social liberals.

That left the fiscal conservatives and social liberals as the “independent” voters. We had no place to go, so in the past, I’ve flip-flopped between the libertarian, republican, democrat, and green parties, trying to find the candidate that best exemplifies small (but necessary) government while leaving their nose outta my chones (slang for underwear).

What I’ve been seeing with the western democrats is the embrace of this fourth, forgotten group.


Comment by knobye

When can we expect the Montana Democrats to make public their 2006 Party Platform. Didn’t the convention wrap up the first week of August?

I asked Jim Walseth, Chairman of the Gallatin Democrats, and he had no answer. He said it was similar to the 2004 platform, so I should “just read that one.” That seems a little shadey to me.

Figured you guys seem to be up on everything, so this would be the best course of action.

It’s been two months since the wrap-up of the convention, and only four weeks until the general…just curious as to where the state Democratic Party stands on the issues.

A platform does exist, right?

Comment by rkba

I don’t work for the Democrats, so I have no answer for you. We are “up on everything” simply because we pay attention…

Comment by Scott

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