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Republicans doom Conrad Burns
September 22, 2006, 2:41 pm
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A new flier soon to hit mailboxes accuses U.S Senate candidate Jon Tester of failing to protect children from sexual predators because he voted against a bill requiring Internet filters at public libraries.

The flier, paid for by the Montana Republican Party, shows a picture of a cowering little girl hugging a teddy bear. The caption under it states, “Violent sexual predators are out there.”

If there was any question as to how low they would sink, it has been answered.

The Burns TV ad states that “Jon Tester will say anything to get elected.”

You guys are sick. Seriously.


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[…] Nicole, Scott, and Matt blogswarm the Montana GOP’s efforts to smear Tester as an enemy of children. They’ll say anything to get Conrad elected, won’t they? […]

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What a coincidence–not!
They’re trying to do exactly the same thing to the Democratic opponent of the state House Speaker in Oregon. Check out the details on this bit of astroturfing, a story broken by Loaded Orygun.

Comment by torridjoe

Testers voting record is fair game as far as I’m concerned.

If he thinks online pornography is OK in public libraries, and votes to protect it, the voters should find out about his position, shouldn’t they?

Comment by Eric Coobs

Eric, the protection is already in place. I thought you republicans were against big government. Now you want redundant government control in your public library? What about parents? Can’t they be responsible for taking care of their children? Since when has more government ever solved anything? You call yourself a conservative. Bah!

Just another nail in the Conman’s political coffin.

Comment by Scott

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