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He is gonna be very angry about this…
September 19, 2006, 3:34 am
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Back in 2004, I ran for the legislature in house district 67. As the deadline for filing loomed, my alarm grew at the lack of a Democratic challenger for the seat held by John Sinrud (pronounced Sin-Rude).  So I did the only (foolish) thing I could, and threw my hat in the ring. In hindsight it may not have been the best decision. I lost with less than 1500 votes, while Sinrud got over 3500 votes. I learned a great deal during the campaign, including 1) Only run for public office if you really want the job, and 2) I discovered that almost no one knows who their representative is, and those that do rarely have any knowledge of their voting record.

What I knew of Sinrud was that he called in to radio shows a great deal to complain about politicians. As an actual non-politician myself, I found his feigned distaste of politicians to be patronizing and phoney. He would dazzle (and confuse) the listening audience with all kinds of figures, percentages, equations, etc. He used the word “freedom” a great deal, and warned of the disaster that would befall Montanans if they voted for democrats. We are still waiting for the disaster two years on…

While participating in a debate with Sinrud, I was shocked at his reaction when an elderly woman in the audience asked why he voted against education. He stood up, started shouting at her that he supported education, turned red in the face, and slammed down some papers he was holding. The moderator had to ask him to calm down.

Actually, Sinrud was against raising teachers salaries. He asked the President of the teachers union to explain to the people of the Montana why they should fund higher teacher’s salaries in public schools. At the time (2002) Montana ranked 47th in teachers salaries, or $10,000 below the national average. He was also furious with the supreme Court’s ruling to increase school funding.  “We have to kiss the hiney of the supreme court and we know that’s not our job. WE DON”T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING.” A bit of insight into John’s childhood provided some clues to his angry demeanor. He opposed HB 198, which would have directed school districts to adopt policies against bullying and intimidation. Sinrud said that he too was bullied as a child, but that it was a local issue. I agree with him on this one, and I feel bad for him. He must have been bullied a great deal.

Most of the time, it seemed as though Sinrud was running against Brian Schweitzer rather than me. He filed complaints with the commissioner of political practices against Shweitzer (that were dismissed) and went on T.V. to proclaim his righteous indignation. His obsession with our Governor continues to this day. When Senator Sam Kitzenberg (R) was recently hired as a management analyst for the revenue department by the Governors office Sinrud complained. “It spoils the system. Absolutely.” You see, Kitzenberg has been known to vote with Democrats from time time, which apparently is bad. 

Speaking of spoiling the system, how does a person that sits on the non-profit board of directors at a local non-profit Christian school also get a sweetheart deal in the form of income from a 1.7 million dollar contract with that very school? Smells…fishy. 

So what is in John Sinrud’s future? Will his disdain for politicians lead him to retire from public service after his next term is up? Or will he follow his true dream…

to run against Governor Schweitzer in 2008?!

Just one more thing…from the comment section of the Billings gazette… I had stated that Sinrud failed to answer a question I asked of him, as one of his constituents.

John Sinrud wrote on July 27, 2006 9:45 PM
Hey Northeast MT, Anyone that is certified as an appraiser is more qualified than Mr. Kitzenberg! You challenged me to find a more qualified applicant, well the job wasn’t advertised so we will never know if there would have been a more qualified applicant!
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KAW wrote on July 27, 2006 9:52 PM
hey wacko lib, I call Sinrud and he said that there was only 1 individual that he had not gotten back to as of yet and that must be you. Promised that he will get the information on the stream access that you wanted.
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Wacko wrote on July 28, 2006 6:47 AM
Thanks Kim.

…yes, it took a year, but after a call from his wife (who sweetly refers to him as Sinrud) my question was answered. Thanks, John.



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Comment by Cece

Is this the same nethetic wackjob that calls into the radio shows pretending to be someone else so that he can give the left leaning talk show hosts a bad time? Isn’t his wife the one that wrote the letter to the editor comparing herself to a “War Widow” when the governor called a special session to deal with the education funding issue last year?

If so, this guy needs to get SERIOUS help. I am glad he isn’t my representative…


Comment by Moorcat

It would have been really dumb to let him have it without any resistance so good for you. Now you have some experience that you could leverage in any number of ways.

Sinrud’s shameful record:

It’s Friday, and that means Rep. John Sinrud, R-Bozeman, is attack dog du jour for Montana Republicans–telling lies about Jon Tester. This morning Sinrud appeared on the state-wide Dave Berg radio program – always a ‘fair and balanced’ program – with a bucketful. Slop bucket, that is.

Partisanship aside for a moment, it is a fact that Montana actually needs leaders who will stand up for the embattled middle class and keep our state on the move with economic progress. John Sinrud, a reliable pitbull for corporate power first and last, is not one of them.

Sinrud has long been an enemy to economic progress in Montana, and has a record of working against Montana small businesses, family farmers and ranchers, and middle class Montanans. Since Sinrud is making an issue of what’s good economic policy versus what’s not, we are obliged to point out that he took every chance he could as a legislator to block progress on key business and economic development. Literally.

Here’s the deplorable Sinrud record against our economy:

Sinrud voted against eliminating property taxes for 13,000 Montana small and medium businesses. [SB 48] He can bluster and throw dust in the eyes of Berg in the Morning listeners all he likes, but this is a fact.

Sinrud overwhelming opposed progress for Montana’s ethanol industry and economic development for farmers and ranchers. Sinrud opposed legislation that would allow ethanol producers to earn up to $2 million a year by purchasing their grains in Montana. [SB 293]

Sinrud voted against Montana agriculture and consumers by opposing Country of Origin Labeling for our meat products. [HB 406]

Sinrud opposed Montana businesses and critical economic development for Montana by voting “No” on restoring the extremely successful “Made in Montana” program. [SB 329]

Sinrud opposed fostering Montana production of renewable energy and promoting economic development across Montana. He voted against Montana farmers and America’s energy independence by opposing the use and development of biodiesel, and against wind energy incentives that would create jobs in rural Montana. [SB 415]

Sinrud voted against game habitat and access to public land for hunters and anglers. Hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation bring over $2 billion dollars a year to Montana’s economy through tourism. [HB 79]

Sinrud voted against Montana family farmers by opposing legislation to promote rail service competition, forcing these family-run businesses to pay exorbitant monopoly prices, imposed by his special patrons at BNSF, to ship their grain to market. [HB 769]

(from the Demos digest)

Comment by grannyinsanity

A quick off-topic note: A glimpse into the mind of a Burns supporter. Today I listened to one of my co-workers complaining about Tester wasting taxpayer money on the “Tester head” rubber flattops.
While it is true that Tester supporters are tax payers, none of their taxes fund his campaign, dumbass.
This guy can vote. Scary, no?

Comment by wacko

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