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Out of state initiatives take a hit.
September 14, 2006, 2:23 am
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A trio of initiatives sponsored by out of state interests have been ruled invalid by a state District Judge.

Opponents of the initiatives filed a lawsuit to block CI97, CI98, and I154 due to questionable signatues gathered by paid backers.

Judge Dirk Sandefur wrote that the signature gathering process “was permeated by fraud and procedural non-compliance perpetrated by paid, out of state, migrant signature gatherers.”

Of course we can expect the usual cry of  “activist judges!” from the right. (“activist judges” being those judges that do not always side with republicans.)

There will be appeals no doubt. After all, Trevis Butcher and his elitist east coast supporters have plenty of money to throw at the issue.

Montana may have just dodged a bullet that could have impacted everything from stream access to health care for children.

UPDATE: ‘‘My reaction is this is the most flagrant, appalling abuse of power and judicial activism I have ever seen,” Trevis Butcher of Montanans in Action, the group backing all three initiatives, said. ‘‘And it is a sad day in the state of Montana when citizens no longer have the right to petition and be heard by their state government.”

…as predicted. No Trevis, upholding the law is not activism. Your group did not engage in a grassroots movement propelled by Montanans. Your group engaged in fraud.



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I’m thrilled although I will remain ready for round two.

Comment by grannyinsanity

The court system worked, although, as granny says, we’ll have to see what the Supreme Court says.

Even Joe Balyeat, one of the authors of I-154, said in the Bozeman Chronicle that the court struck down because of the fradulent way in which signatures were gathered, as opposed to the judge trying to be an activist judge and set policy. This just goes to show how far Howie Rich will go to impose libertarian anarchy on us.

Comment by jimurl

Butcher’s remarks are pretty typical of his ilk I guess. Montanans can and will be able to legally petition their government. Butcher’s group and others like them can’t come in and illegally do so. Sounds about right to me.

Comment by pjfinn

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