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THE A.F.A. HATES THE TRUTH (caution:profanity)
September 11, 2006, 3:27 am
Filed under: Bad Words!, Denial

The documentary “9/11” was prevented from being broadcast tonight after the American Family Association complained that the profanity used by firefighters who were killed that day was immoral.

Gedeon and Jules Naudet were documenting the lives of rookie firefighters in New York City when the events of that day unfolded. In the film they follow the fire crew to the twin towers and capture their heroic actions and the course language used by men and women under extraodinary circumstances.

Meanwhile the obscenity-free and largely fictitious “Path to 9/11” is being broadcast on ABC in the same time slot.

CBS risked being fined $325,000 for each “indecent incident” that was aired.

Look, you fucking right wing nut cases: the whole thing was indecent. The deaths of thousands. The destruction. The continuing aftermath. And you are worried about some god-damned cuss words? What the fuck are you doing? This was the REALITY that faced these people on September 11th. You may have let a “Holy Shit!” slip yourself in the situation.

Is it a coincidence that the mockumentary “path to 9/11” lauded by mindless right wing mouthpieces as “must see” was shown despite its false depiction of the events leading to 9/11, while the film of the actual event was blocked?

Don’t liars go to hell?

In conclusion, to the A.F.A. I say FUCK OFF!


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Can we get a censor in here? Can we? Someone?

Comment by Shane Mason

Does the AFA support Burns?

This is the Burns vote to do intentional pestticide dosing on Pregnant women, fetuses and small children:

Here’s a story:

Comment by grannyinsanity

Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

Comment by Wulfgar

Granny, I can’t get to their web site today…it seems to be crashed.

I would imagine that since Conman voted against the stem cell enhancement bill, and hates gay people, that they support him.

Comment by wackolib

Any desire to head to Butte for the next debate if we can get enough people together for it?

Comment by Colby n.

I can’t make the Butte debate Colby.

If plans change I’ll let you know.

Comment by wacko

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