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Support Monica Lindeen.
September 5, 2006, 5:18 pm
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In the coming weeks Monica Lindeen will need our help with her campaign.

Monica has made it clear that she will fight to maintain our access to public lands and waterways. As hunting season opens for achery and upland game birds, and regular season approaches, I will be donating the equivalent of the cost of an Elk tag and Deer A tag to Monica Lindeen. It is not a huge amount, $36.00, but it is what I can afford.

If you value your public lands and stream access, I am suggesting that you donate the equivalent of the license for your favorite sport to the Lindeen campaign.

Deer A: $16.00

Elk: $20.00

Fishing: $18.00 plus conservation $8.00, or $26.00.

You can donate here.

Let’s get this done. Montana needs Monica Lindeen.


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Great idea. If it is worth doing, then it worth protecting.

Comment by Shane C. Mason

[…] Those of us who love Montana for the lean red meat that comes to us in the form of venison should pay attention to Liberal Wacko and his call for supporting Monica Lindeen today.  I plan to donate to Tester at least the same amount that I will pay for my hunting permits.  The way I see it, if we want to have productive public lands available for hunting over the next twenty years, we had best support candidates who share our values.  […]

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Right on!

Comment by Montana Fem

[…] If you’re a hunter, you obviously support Monica Lindeen who wants to preserve wild space and keep it accessible to Montanans. Liberal Wacko has a suggestion on how you hunters can help Monica out. […]

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[…] We all know that Monica Lindeen is a champion of public access and hunting rights and we support her for that. We all know that Dennis Rehberg has a dismal record on protecting our lands. So dismal, he wants to sell them. […]

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Well its a great idea. Hope it works

Comment by Pakpics

I know nothing about politics. But this is my dad’s website so I decided I would get on and write a comment! Luv ya dad!

Comment by Galinator

I love you too, Gal!

Comment by Scott

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