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This is your base?
September 4, 2006, 4:02 am
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My family spent Sunday driving through Yellowstone park. We are always amazed by the incredible beauty of this amazing place, and by the people that are so oblivious to the danger of approaching wildlife.

The tourists come to watch the elk and buffalo, and we come to watch the tourists risk their lives by getting as close as possible to the elk and buffalo.

Today we witnessed a group of people walking around right in the middle of a herd of elk. As we pulled to the side of the road, one person in particular caught my attention.      A woman holding a very young child in her arms was standing not four feet from a cow elk laying in the tall grass. We discussed this foolishness and debated leaving before witnessing something horrible. The cow elk, obviously becoming uncomfortable with the proximity of this person, stood up. The woman grabbed the hand of another nearby child, and she and her husband walked back to their white mini-van.

As they loaded their dumb asses into the mini-van, I noticed something that explained their foolish behavior.

On the back window were two bumper stickers: The blue and yellow “Women for Rehberg” on the right, and a Conrad Burns sticker on the left. And of course, right in the middle of their bumper, a “W” sticker.

What does it take to support these three politicians?

 Nothing more than a severe deficiency of common sense.

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Suppose it was a meorial to the late Mr Steve Erwin?

Comment by Shane Mason

Nice to see you are up and running.

Comment by Montana Fem

Crikey! Those tourons are stupid!

Comment by troutburst

[…] Meet “the Enablers.” You’d really have to labor, wouldn’t you, to think Burns is the best Senator Montana ever had? Montana: meet your Burns supporters. (Plus a great psychoanalysis of the diehard Bush supporters. Shorter version: it’s pathological.) […]

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ok, wait….. you’re confusing two very distinct issues…. one is political affiliation…. the other is parenting by Darwin…..
The political question – well, you and I have long ago agreed to disagree… 🙂
the parenting by Darwin? It’s when you give a small child a fork and say “go play”…. if they live, the species will survive as well…. if they don’t, well you know survival of the fitest and all 🙂
Now, now….. don’t get all radical there, you and I both know people (one near and dear to us) that could have – should have been given a fork at birth, because we KNOW what the outcome would have been! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Good to see you’re back….. I was bored without being able to torment you! 🙂

Comment by miranda mouse

I thought gross stereotyping was
only the domain of the right.

Comment by TMM

Oh, was that a stereotype? Please explain how.
I simply observed and reported.

Certainly not all republicans would subject their children to such danger.

Then again, not all republicans will be voting for Conrad Burns or Dennis Rehberg.

Comment by Wacko

“What does it take to support these three politicians?

Nothing more than a severe deficiency of common sense.”

Comment by TMM

“This is your base?”

Comment by TMM

“Montana: meet your Burns supporters.”

Comment by TMM

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