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August 23, 2006, 3:28 am
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With everything going so well in the war of terror over in Iraq, our President has decided that the Marines have not yet sacrificed enough.

According to a recent poll by commissioned by CNN, 61% of Americans oppose the war in Iraq, 57% feel that he doesn’t agree with their point of view on issues, and W enjoys a 57% disapproval rating. Most Americans (52%) feel that the war in Iraq is a distraction from “The War On Terror”.

Meanwhile, the war on people with different ethnic backgrounds was highlighted today when our smooth talking junior Senator admitted to asking one of his personal employees if he could see his green card. Because, as the eloquent Mr. Burns put it, he is “a nice little Guatemalan man”.

Jason Klindt, apologist spokesman for Mr. Burns said that the Con-man “was telling an anecdotal story about a time he took the extra step to make sure a worker was legal,” because, as Mr. Burns stated above, he is “a nice little Guatemalan man” named Hugo.

Mr. Burns later said “Gosh”.

Meanwhile, another out of state group is telling us how lazy and inadequate our state employees are. If they can tell us how to use our land, elect our judges, and run our state government, why not?

Future Senator Jon Tester is interviewed in Newsweek.

Speaking of Mr. Tester, I was able to attend one of his birthday bashes in Missoula, where I met Shane of Wrong Dog, Jay of 4&20 Blackbirds, Wulfgar and Moorcat, and the evil robots Matt and V from LiTW. We were attacked by wasps, obviously sent by Conrad Burns to disrupt this dangerous gathering of *gasp* liberals!


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OMG, I hadnt seen the article about the recall. That is messed up. Wonder why folks aren’t signing up. Next thing you know, the’ll call up againg punk rockers to go fight. 🙂

Comment by Shane

Yes Yes, aging punk rockers are often attacked by GOP directed WASPS. WHITE-ANGLO-SAXON-PROTESTANTS. It is a fact of life and it best to learn to live with it.

Comment by scmason

Does this comment make it?

Comment by Shane Mason

I don’t know why, my spam blocker deleted your comments.

Comment by wackolib

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