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August 15, 2006, 10:29 pm
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Eric is whining about the estate tax (known to fear mongers as the “death tax”) again.

For those of you who wish to know the facts: go here.

Those of you who are unable to think critically: go here.

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I didn’t see any whining over there, I simply asked a question that Democrats refuse to answer.

If the Democrats truly care about the working man, how could they vote against a $2.00 increase in the minimum wage just to keep the Death tax?


Marching orders from Howard Dean & Ted Kennedy?

Or what?

Comment by Eric Coobs

It’s called fiscal responsibility. You don’t cut taxes on yet another wealthy group while the government outspends its income.
Pretty tacky to include these two issues in one bill, don’t you think?
If Repubs care so deeply about increasing the minimum wage, why didn’t they act on it seperately and/or sooner? It has been almost ten years since an increase in minimum wage, and the version presented would have hurt workers who rely on tips as part of their income.

Comment by wackolib

It’s not fiscal responsibility. It was the Democrats concious choice to sell out the working poor, in order to keep a tax.

Hard to swallow for you I’ll bet.

Comment by Eric Coobs

A hard choice, Eric. Leave those to the grown ups.

Your party can stick with flag burning and such.

Comment by wacko

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