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Crackerjack drivers license
August 14, 2006, 3:02 am
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This one goes out to all you bad drivers.

I have some serious issues with you people. First of all, use your damned turn signals when intending to turn. Many drivers seem to feel that they are optional use equipment. If only people would use their cell phones as frequently as they employ their turn signals…but most of those that fail to use one are using the other.

Especially infuriating (and frankly, terrifying) is the apparent cloak of invisibility that comes with every motorcycle. I have experienced this first hand over and over. A special thanks to the old timer in the red Caddy with the Conrad Burns bumper sticker who decided that he had to be in the exact space that my bike and I were occupying while driving down 19th today. It is clear to me why you are a republican: you fail to see the obvious and would run down the little guy in order to gain your desired position.

I always enjoy the rush of adrenaline from the semi trucks loaded with gravel as we pass on a two lane road at 65 mph. I can’t help but remember when one of you was kind enough to put a large rock clean through the windshield of my Jeep a couple of years ago.  Why aren’t you required to put a tarp on that heaping load of gravel? Too cost-prohibitive I suppose.

Finally, I want to thank all the lovely folks who gather in parking lots across the Gallatin valley to practice talking on the phone, disciplining their children, and backing out of their parking spot without so much as a glance in the rear view mirror. All at the same time.

Good Grief. 

Stay tuned for more grousing. I find myself looking forward to becoming a grumpy old man…gotta go, those damned neighbor kids are picking apples out of my tree again…


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Welcome to the Montana Old Fart Online Curmedgeons Club! As one of the founding members, I say to you: “welcome aboard”.

Comment by Wulfgar

Oh, that seething anger that I now feel when seeing that oblivious driver on their cell phone. It is bad enough in a car much less on a bike. Lets get a bill going on this truly dangerous issue.

Comment by Montana Fem

I’ll call my representative tonight while driving home.

Comment by wacko

ok…Yes,…I agree..’re a member of the
“Montana Old Fart Online Curmedgeons Club”….
Mo’ Focc…..?
I don’t know that will make such a good bumper sticker….. catchy, but I just don’t know…. 🙂

Beyond that, I do have to agree with you. (oh my, is that one of the first signs of the apocalypse?) (I know, I know, I will have to stop agreeing with you or people WILL talk 🙂 It does seem like the drivers here in Bozeman are getting their permits from the cracker jack box…..

But you know….. there is a positive spin on it…. Drive an old beater like me and enjoy this mantra- come on, hit me… momma needs a New car and vacation to Aruba! 🙂

Comment by miranda mouse

If you gesture, suggest that the driver leaving three spaces in front of his car waiting for the light on northbound 19th might pull forward a bit, you may get pulled over by the police concerned about your road rage.

There was a story in the Billings Gazette about a man who tragically lost his son to a car backing up in a parking lot going to Washington to lobby for legislation mandating for back up alarms and rear facing cameras in cars!

Drivers don’t seem to take responsibility and apparently have no sense of the magnitude of the physics involved.

I blame high school curriculums that don’t teach math or physics worth a darn, drivers ed that seems to emphasize obeying the law instead of real world accident prevention skills, and the general lack of responsability prevalent in our world today.


Comment by Nucleus

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