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August 4, 2006, 10:49 pm
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Conrad’s First Responder Accomplishments (almost):

·         Conrad cosponsored the “Aerial Firefighter Relief Act (S.989, 108th Congress) which would have extended public safety officer death benefits to certain aerial firefighters, including contractors, who serve a public agency.

·         He also introduced legislation to provide overtime to Forest Service, considered time and a half of their hourly rate. (S.1498, the “Wildland Firefighters Pay Equity Act of 1999” introduced during the 106th Congress), and then proclaimed firefighters to be lazy and overpaid.

·         Conrad supported the Benjamin Franklin Memorial Fire Service Bill of Rights Act (S.1933 during the 101st Congress), which would have provided scholarship assistance to children of fallen firefighters, and would have provided assistance to firefighters for higher education in fire safety or protection.

·         He cosponsored legislation to designate October 8, 1992 as “National Firefighters Day” (S.J.Res. 327, 102nd Congress).

·         He cosponsored legislation to commemorate “National Police Officer and Firefighter Recognition Week” (S.J.Res. 225, 102nd Congress). He then recognized them at the airport…

·         Conrad also cosponsored the Firefighter Investment and Response Enhancement (FIRE) Act (S.1941 during the 106th Congress) which would have allowed FEMA to make competitive grant awards to protect the health and safety of firefighters and the public.

…Special thanks to the GOP e-brief for helping with this post. Only the italicized words are mine.



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Don’t you love it when they do all the work for you? Like in upcoming elections

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