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Lindeen makes the connection
August 2, 2006, 3:47 am
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Maybe it’s a bit too early to start thinking about it, but hunting season is rapidly approaching. I like to start thinking about it early for a few reasons.

1) I love hunting. There is nothing better than hiking up a steep mountainside on a frosty (or downright bitter cold) morning in search of the elusive wapiti or a nice muley buck. Unless you count the mini donuts, coffee, and conversation with my daughter on the way there.

2) The anticipation that this might be the year I cross paths with a monster bull.

3) I have to spend hours pouring over a map to determine where the diminishing public land is located, and how I can access it…

Which is where my political side starts to act up. 

I want someone in the U.S. house who will represent me, middle class Montanan. I don’t like to hear Denny Rehberg saying things like “we need a comprehensive inventory of what lies beneath the Rocky Mountain Front”.

I don’t give a rat’s ass what’s beneath it.

I like the trees. I like the clean air. I like the mountains. I want to know that elk, deer, and other wildlife can live there relatively undisturbed by “progress”.

I like what’s on top of it. So quit searching for band aids and start looking for the cure. And while you’re at it, hands off our other public lands, Denny. I live here for the quality of life Montana affords. Simple pleasures like knowing that somewhere out there is a huge bull elk standing in a pristine wilderness, not for the cheap gasoline.

Monica Lindeen is still in touch with what it means to be a Montanan. She will fight to keep our access to public land, rivers, and streams. She will work to reduce our deadly dependence on oil by promoting renewable energy sources that EMPLOY MONTANANS.

In other words, Monica Lindeen will not sell out our future to maintain the status quo.

More on Monica Lindeen, Democratic candidate for U.S. house, to come… 


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It would be nice if Monica could do all these things, but unfortunately, Denny is going to crush her. What is it with the Democrats? Why won’t they field a candidate?

Comment by Mark T

The same was said of Tester/Burns.
Denny doesn’t have the same verbal talent as Mr. Burns, but he is just as beholden to K street and big oil.

Why not spread the word?

Comment by wacko

Monica can do those things, but she needs our help to unseat the man who thinks it’s okay for the president to spend 1.6 billion dollars on public relations to tell us everything is wonderful and almost nothing on education or maintaining possession of our public lands.

Go to your local Dem’s office and volunteer to work on her campaign, please.

Comment by grannyinsanity

Is Lindeen still campaigning even?

Comment by Eric Coobs

Is Rehberg campaigning as a Democrat?

Comment by wacko

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