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Conrad Burns: A.K.A. “THE BLACK KNIGHT”
July 28, 2006, 11:06 pm
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Yes, very funny indeed! I do love the way your mind works! But if Burns is the Black knight… who are the knights who say “nee”? Would that be the whole republican convention? 🙂

And remember, don’t be afraid…. it’s only a little rabbit………

Comment by miranda mouse

Oh noooo, you say it’s just a hawmless litl buhnny rahbit …

Comment by Wulfgar

I went to the re-release of Holy Grail, I’m embarassed to say. There were five people in the theatre – my wife and I, and three perople sitting ahead of us, one of whom knew and recited every line right along with the boys. Cured me of Python permanently.

Comment by Mark Tokarski

The wingnuts over at WRiM inspired this connection. Yesterday as all hell was breaking loose over Conrad’s dislike of fire fighters, these right wingers were wondering how we were going to defend Tester.
Against what?

Supporters of Conrad: He is the Titanic, and you are the band…

Comment by wackolib

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