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A Montanans reAction to “Montanans” in Action
July 25, 2006, 3:53 am
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Stop Over Spending. Protect Our Homes. Citizens Right to Recall. All separate ballot initiatives, but check out their websites here, here, and here.

They look suspiciously similar, don’t they? What about this?

Oklahomans in Action and Montanans in Action can both be linked to Americans for Limited Government, an East coast group dedicated to libertarian causes, and owned by a New York City millionaire aptly named Howard Rich.

This group “loaned” $25,000 to M.i.A. Trevis Butcher, son of Representative Edward Butcher(R) of Winifred, is the man responsible for organizing M.i.A.

M.i.A., which presents itself as a grassroots organization, loaned $600,000 to an eminent domain campaign in California in May. Damn, that’s some good fertilizer you’re using… 

There have been reports that some of the passionate and paid signature gatherers for these petitions have falsely told signers that they must sign all three petitions for their signature to count.

Do your research. Make up your own mind. I, for one, will not support the efforts of out of state interests to influence Montana with big money from unknown sources.

But it seems that our own right wing(nut) Senator Joe Balyeat (R) does.

In the end, even if these measures are passed by voters, there will be legal challenges to them. And guess who will be picking up the tab for these legal challenges?

That’s right. TAXPAYERS.


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Let them look at what happened in Colorado if they want to see how well this Stop Over Spending measure (known as TABOR there) worked out for them.

From 35th in the nation for school funding to 49th;
From 23rd in prenatal care to 48th;
From 24th in child vaccinations to 50th;
Roads and streets deteriorated;
Senior citizens lost important services;

You can get more on that here.

Comment by Shane

[…] Montanans in Action here. And Shane discusses Burns’ lying problem. Check ‘em out. | Permanent LinkCategories:FrontPage […]

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Ed Butcher is a dirt sandwich. My family ranched near him for years.
Anyway, at the Central MT Fair they had the huge pig that said stop overspending and these young teenage boys that kept asking me to sign up for a drawing to Chico hotsprings. I couldnt help but snicker at the irony.

Comment by Montana Fem

“To sign up for the trip to Chico, just add your name to this list, sign up as often as you like…oh, and you are also signing your name to a petition…did we mention that?”

Comment by wackolib

[…] There will be appeals no doubt. After all, Trevis Butcher and his elitist east coast supporters have plenty of money to throw at the issue. […]

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