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July 22, 2006, 5:24 pm
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July has been a busy month for me. I have had family visit from Canada for a week, and I spent last week with my son. I have been to Yellowstone park twice in the last two weeks. I have put hundreds of miles on my Harley, and discovered that motorcycling weather is the same as fishing weather – and fishing lost this year.

I haven’t had a great deal of time to post.

Seeing my son for the first time in five years, not only was I shocked at how tall he had become (same height as me!) but I was also happy to discuss politics with him.

To my delight, my son has developed a liberal mind. While he was growing up, I did not speak of politics around him, and for the past five years he has been in a conservative household. Which made me wonder…

Could political belief be genetic? Is there something in the way our genes are configured that makes us lean a certain way politically?


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I would have to say no on the genetics thing. I’m almost certain that I am the first liberal in the (recent) history of my family. Both parents, all four grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc etc…. they’re all conservatives.

Comment by troutburst

I come from the south, where everyone used to be democrats. Don’t confuse a southern democrat with a liberal though; Zell Miller was our Governor when I was a teen. Like the poster above, I am the first ‘liberal’ ever in my family. However! I was taught to think about things in a logical manner and not just blindly accept rhetoric as truth. My dad taught me that blind patriotism is not an American value. I was told to question why I believe the things that I do. If they don’t hold up to scrutiny, then seek the real truth.

So, I think that you have to look deeper than the bi-valence of ‘liberal’ vs ‘conservative’ in many cases. You have to see think about less obvious qualities like compassion, thought process and values.

Sure, I still hold a lot of the traditional values that I was taught and gentically inherited as a young child. Be kind to others. Think about things from other perspectives (or put ‘put yourself in his shoes’). Tell the truth. Don’t let anyone bully you. Do what you think is right. Never let ’em take you alive.

At any rate, it is good to hear that you are enjoying your summer. My wife is busy planning a fall trip to Disney World, so I have had a little time to play on the blogs. Otherwise, it’s too damn hot to go outside!

Comment by Shane C. Mason

Last summer my family went to Disney Land…it was a blast. Even with temps in the 100’s.

Bring lots of money…and be sure to invest in a “fast pass”.

Comment by wacko

Dude, I got my first 30 yard cast with a fly rig this weekend! Didn’t catch a damn thing, but I achieved that milestone. Never having been a fly-fisherman, I thought that was pretty cool! Strangely, one of the people at work (who is a rabid fly-fisherman) thought that somehow instantly made me a conservative/Republican. I was a made-man in his eyes. Yeah, I know that doesn’t make any sense. But it does show me this, the majority of folk don’t think that liberalism or otherwise is genetic, but rather behavioral, and they have their own perverse ideas of the behaviors that denote either one.

Comment by Wulfgar

Predisposed Dems…interesting thought. Maybe with a little stem cell research we could find the answer to your question, oh that’s right, Bush made that impossible.

Comment by Montana Fem

I think it [‘Predisposed Dems’] goes in the same category as likes and dislikes, or maybe just smaller behaviors, when it comes to Nature vs Nurture, if politics could be considered ‘nature’.

Comment by Moonbeam

Adding to my previous comment, and concerning troutburst, maybe the genetics of it are something along the lines of posible recessiveness or something like that.

Comment by Moonbeam

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