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Don’t try to scare us
July 15, 2006, 3:51 am
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I love Montana. Not only are there fantastic opportunities for the outdoors enthusiast; amazing mountain ranges, rivers chock full o’ trout (and whitefish, dammit), hunting, hiking, skiing…you know the list. There is also a population full of folks who will not be scared by republican fear tactics.

Conrad’s group of east coast supporters have failed in their lame attempt to claim that Jon Tester is beholden to the same bunch that promotes Conrad: Washington DC special interests. They have stumbled badly with their attacks on the good natured “creating a buzz” commercials. They have underestimated the populace by trying to scare the common sense out of folks by labeling Jon Tester a *gulp* LIBERAL.

Montanans are blessed with a pretty powerful bullshit detector, and the thing started beeping like a fire alarm when we were presented with a phoney barber from back east.

Phrases like “I wish he had never been born!” (Conrad’s statement about his relationship with Abramoff) just conjur up memories of Bill Clinton saying “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!” (sorry Bill, but that really pissed me off!). And “I haven’t a clue (that part is true) why, you’re talking four or five years ago.” in reference to his changed vote on the Marianas Islands.

The latest polls show Jon Tester with a decent advantage on Burns, and the last four show an upward trend for Native Montana farmer Jon Tester.


Because you can’t scare us anymore, and we want results.

For more solid information on Conrad’s true constituents, please visit Shane over at

In the coming weeks I will have some interesting information about House District 67 and our own local right wing of the cuckoo bird: John Sinrud, and his opponent Jackson Cyr. 


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Go Tester! Soon I think that Burns will wish that Tester was never born.

Comment by Montana Fem

Here’s a little gem from Jason Klindt, Burn’s spokesman, on why it was OK that Burns has collected over 7 million:

‘‘We know that every extremist left wing group in the country is going to donate to liberal Jon Tester,’’ Klindt said. ‘‘We have an obligation to defend ourselves from those attacks and we will be ready.’’

Now, if that was not meant to scare, I don’t know waht it was. Look at some of the words:


Why didn’t he just say that the Devil and Charles Manson were endorsing Tester? Who’ll protect the children??

Comment by Shane M

For GODS SAKE! Someone save the children!!

Comment by Shane M

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