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Happy Birthday Dubya
July 9, 2006, 4:44 am
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    There was a surprise ending to the press conference when a reporter noted to Bush that it was his birthday, too. Bush invited the reporter, 54-year-old Raghubir Goyal of the India Globe and Asia Today, onto the stage for a birthday picture.

“Anybody else have their birthday today?” Bush called out.

Richard Benedetto of USA Today, turning 65, stood up and was summoned to the stage.

“Amazing, everybody’s birthday today,” Bush exclaimed.

Harper piped up, “I was going to say, if there starts to get any more, I’m going to start to question it.”

But there was another celebrant, State Department employee Todd Mizis, who was in the audience.

“My goodness,” Bush said. “Today’s your birthday? Awesome.”

There was time then for a song: a chorus of “Happy Birthday.”

The big celebration of Bush’s birthday was on Tuesday, when dozens of his friends gathered at the White House.

…Just warms your heart doesn’t it?

For my Birthday, I would like a big vanilla cake. Being the patriot that I am, I hope to have the top decorated like the Stars and Stripes.

Wait…. damn it! I won’t be able to eat it without enraging a bunch of republicans. Oh well. 

This raises a question. A couple of years ago, I painted a musical instrument for a burned out ’70’s rocker. He took it to Iraq, where he played it for the troops. Here is a photo of the rocker and the instrument:


(special thanks:

I was honored to play a small part in helping support our fighting men and women, and it was the second American Flag themed instrument that I had painted.

But to my displeasure, the rocker had many people sign the instrument, right over the top of the symbol of our country (and my fine artwork). He then auctioned it off and gave the proceeds to families of servicemen and women.

Imagine my amusement as this rocker sat with Sean so-and-so, a right wing dunce from a right wing talk show airing on a right wing news station, holding this instrument and proclaiming how liberals hate America and don’t support our troops. A god-forsaken liberal painted the damned thing for crying out loud!

So, if the right is successful in it’s fools errand to outlaw the desecration of the Stars and Stripes, will I not be able to have my American Flag birthday cake?

Will Dubya be charged for his careless desecration of the cheap Chinese made plastic flag to which he signed his name?

What will the little town of Belgrade do with all those cheap little American flags put in our yards by a local business every fourth of July?

And what will be done to this ancient rocker for his part in trashing the flag? Or does this count as a flag?



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Being born on the 4th I have eaten countless American Flag themed cakes. I feel so dirty now.
Could my Dad, a Navy man who served in the Korean war, have known that this cake eating would make a liberal? I think not.
This is simple, humans are tactile, symbology is very real. Our brains react to visual stimuli. However this is base and instinctual. When thought enters into it, we really do realize that we are simply eating cake and not desicrating our National Symbol. I like what Wulfgar said; that it was irritating to him when people do that. And it is. But really that is all that it is. If you believe that the Flag is a strong symbol that makes you proud to be an American, that is great. But if you don’t, well as irritating as it is, that is your right under those stars and stripes.

Comment by Montana Fem

I had a bumper sticker on my van that said:

God Bless America Humanity.
That means all of us.

I really liked it. Then some guy ran into the back of our car and we had to get a new back door. Now that sticker is gone, along with the Howard Dean sticker. They were both symbols of who I am and what I believe. I miss them both, but it hasn’t changed who I am and what I believe.

Comment by Shane M

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