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Rush is still “up” for illegal drugs.
June 28, 2006, 7:33 am
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Rush Limbaugh apparently needs more talent than God can afford to loan to help him maintain an erection. He was detained in Palm Beach Florida for carrying a bottle of Viagra that was not prescribed to him today.

*Uh Hum…* *crinkle crinkle*


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Rush Limbaugh Has Legal Drug Run-In Over Viagra

Rush Limbaugh is in the news again about a possible drug-law violation — a story that perhaps tells us a little more than we WANT to know:Rush Limbaugh was detaine…

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Ha Ha Ha! Man, what a hipocrit.

Comment by Shane C. Mason

now, now boys,
men must have their toys,
Though the finding of his little “blue” pill,
To some may sound hypocritical and make you ill,
to those of us with knowledge at hand,
we can plainly understand,
he was just trying to even the playing field
as some of his parts will no longer congeal,
you must know that every girl has heard
and respects as the golden word:
Gett’m young and raise’m right,
because it takes an old man all night to do
what a young man can do all night…..

Always, your Miranda

Comment by Miranda

Why? Why, did I have to think about that?

Comment by Anonymous

very nice

Comment by amanda

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