Liberal Wacko, Montana Division

Today’s search engine results…
June 25, 2006, 1:27 am
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You may have found this blog by putting the following terms into your search engine…

 Schweitzer porn

montana porn
ways to stop mastrubation
canadas bleeding heart liberals

…if I can help just one person to stop mastrubating, I will have succeeded.


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Schweitzer porn? Now I am forever creeped out ..

Comment by Wulfgar

Well, the thought of “Schweitzer porn” mercilessly slaughters any arousal I may have felt before coming here. So you can consider your blog a success.

Ten years from now, I’ll still be telling the shrink about that visual…

Comment by NeoMadison

I assume they meant to put “sheitzer” or whatever the term is for that gross poo-centric garbage.

Comment by b-psycho

Gross poo-centric garbage…
Should have taken them to WRiM.

Comment by wackolib

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