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June 25, 2006, 11:01 am
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Conservatives want us gone. Not dead, just gone.

It is their mantra: liberals are always wrong about everything. If we began supporting Conrad Burns, they would either stop supporting him, or label him a "moderate".

They want our party out of power, our voices silenced, our beliefs outlawed. You can not have a rational discussion with a republican anymore. If you make your point, they start with the name calling, if something their party has done turns sour they blame it on Democrats, the liberal media, or one of the Clinton's.

They chant the same catch phrases over and over. I don't need to repeat them, because you all know them by heart. Most of them are designed to play on your fears: your safety, your money, your way of life. All are in danger if you elect Democrats.

Democrats took the legislature and Governors office in 2004.

Taxes have not increased. Gay people are not destroying your marriage. Flags are not burning. Terrorist aren't attacking. Gas prices have remained relatively low in our state.

Yet, they still chant…hypnotizing themselves while putting everyone else to sleep.

Over at WRiM they have invited us to leave repeatedly, and I have decided to take them up on their offer. I will still visit, but I will not comment, and I urge all of you to do the same.


Let's show them how the real world works. Without a counterbalance, everything falls apart. It is the way our universe works. So let them post self gratifying political claptrap, then let the 2 commenters (jlwR2D23 and Mellon, a.k.a. hawk 32, the CPA, anonymous, etc.) agree with the post, and watch it get real boring real fast.

Try it for a week. I already feel better…

Just an idea from out of left field.



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Personally, I’m finding — and slowly coming to terms with the fact that — the blogosphere itself is not conducive to rational discussion. Like road rage in cars, the relative anonymity and facelessness of encounters on the web enables us to express ourselves with the kind of rage and intemperence we would never use in person.

I used to have dreams of opening a blog where I would calmly, rationally make my points about how media bias really works, and how the profession of journalism needs to change. Interested parties would discuss the claims, see where I was right AND where my logic needed improvement. Together we would then reach a new modus operandi for the transmission of information from the newsmakers to the public.

My experience of the blogosphere changed all that.

Naturally, you are more concerned with WRIM, since much of the vitriol expressed by commenters there is directed at you and others who share your beliefs. But on other blogs, some pretty strong words have been said about people who share my beliefs.

The other day, I was defending anonymous comments here. I still would, I believe everything I wrote. But I think our political system could also benefit hansomly from some live, face to face chat as well. Most of us would never say to each other in person what we write online.

Comment by NeoMadison

I have always found your posts to be thoughtful and not the least bit condescending toward “liberal” views. I do not often agree with your opinions, but I respect how they are presented. I hope that the voice of reason can prevail over the high pitched protests of the extremists.

Comment by Wacko Lib

Last week I let myslef get involved in a horrible discussion on WRIM where liberal’s were accused of being ‘anti simetic’ and I tried reminding them of some famous anti simetic movements (nazis, kkk and so on). Anyway, I got sucked in. The next day, an anonymous poster referred o Maddy Albright as ‘that jewish slut”. It was at that exact moment that I realized that whatever small amount of intelligent dialog that could take place there will never be worth the miles and miles of crap you have to wade through to get to it.

I made the decision to view as well, but forget posting. It doesn’t do any good.

Comment by Shane C. Mason

Blogs come in two forms – well, many, but have two tendencies which I observe. In some, the blogger is the object of interest, puts up original thought, and is worth a read for that reason only. Comments are secondary, and usually boring. Two that come to mind: Sirota and Budge.

In others, the bloggers are just hacks putting out random thoughts, opening themselves to heckling and providing a climate for paintball contests. WRIM fits this description. Until such time as Eric edits comments a bit, and they offer up one more thoughtful writer along the lines of Neo, WRIM will be what it is – a food fight forum. But what the hell – I find that a whole lot more fun than butt patting and hugging on an all liberal forum.

Right wing talk radio is a forum for people who agree with each other, need marching orders. I’m proud that it doesn’t work with liberals. I think you guys ought to go out and get your shirts dirty and have at ’em over at WRIM, if only becauue it keeps you from becoming effete snobs.

Comment by Mark T

NeoMadison, should you start a website, I’m certain that you would get rational debate … to the degree that you, yourself, are rational. You can control the effect that your voice has. Should you give trolls free-hand, well …

I am one of the instigators of what has transpired at Freeper Montana. Not because I tried, mind you, but because I doubt Freeper Montana would even exist without my input. Blogs have history, the same as any other media. Eric was a commenter at Kemmick’s place and decided to expand his options. The one website where he received a stern smackdown was mine. For no reason rational, Eric decided to challenge me to debate, and opened WWronginM. Simply put, he got his ass handed to him and has ever since, when challenging me. But he attracted a rather unsavory sort of supporters, and embraced the pestulance as a boon. That’s where he screwed up.

That’s not arrogance talking, but rather the simple facts. You can check archives to find the truth.

NeoMadison, though commendably rational, seems unclear about what the transmition of information entails. I would argue that the assumption of bias, with no understanding or statement of profit motive, already clearly shows a bias. NeoMadison shows a will to prove that the press disagrees with him. That’s a worthy goal for a website, but hardly as noble as he would project.

And Mark T, you sadly discount the idea that it *is* a worthy goal to let the effete expose themselves. That is precisely what I intended to do with WRiM, and I arrogantly think myself successful. Without a dissenting voice, that website would become all bigotry, all the time. THat’s what Mellon and Coobs do; that’s what they’re good at. Let it happen.

“Let him rave on, that men shall know him mad.”

Comment by Wulfgar

Mark T.

You might be right. Is it worth it though? I have a difficult time being civil in the face of idiocy. Do the tone of my comments hurt more than it helps? One way I think of it in support of you opinion, if someone with a unformed political ideas comes across WRIM, if their are no opposing views to their idiocy, then the new viewer only gets the bad side of the argument and must assume it is good because of all the ‘butt patting’ going on.

One positive result of my sometimes forceful posts are that they certainly bring out the wackos (the bad kind) who make retarded statements like “We are over there for one reason, to kill Iraqis and that’s fine by me.” That kind of statement is bound to turn off anyone with a shred of decency. Maybe you are right, maybe I should keep posting. It seems to really rile them up.

Comment by Shane C. Mason

I see that Coobs has attepted to post a coherent analysis of todays debate.

I listened to the debate, and thought that Conrad sounded, well, like a southerner (sorry, b-psy), or a good ol' boy. Mostly he came across like a snake oil salesman.

Jon Tester was clearly composed, focused, and was on top of the issues. Mostly though he sounded like a Montanan ready to get to work.

Conrads closing statement sounded like incoherent rambling.

It will be interesting to see if Montana is in the market for some snake oil, or for some good old fashioned elbow grease.

Comment by Wacko Lib

my dearest Lib,
this section was doing really well until you compared Conrad to a Southener…. The south has enough problems we don’t need Conrad too!….. ūüôā
I have looked in on WRIM this past week….. Though I am sure that you are missed, the commentary over there is still negative and provacative (not in a good way)…..guess that’s just the way Eric wants it…..
always, your Miranda

Comment by Miranda

I’m only negative about liberals Miranda, you gotta admit I’m consistent!

Sorry to burst your bubble Wulfgar, but you haven’t won an arguement yet. Your style is to take a valid point, go off on a wild tangent, and claim nobody will debate you on the wild tangent!

But you’re welcome to keep trying.

Remember, even Ronald Reagan and Conrad Burns were former Democrats, I still hold out hope for you!

Comment by Eric Coobs

My dear Eric,
Indeed I must admit you are consistent, but consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds……… PS I have been a republican and conservative since in utero………. But I have to agree with the libs on this one…….

Comment by Miranda

Eric- citing fact after fact, while apparently overwhelming to your neocon mind, can hardly be considered “go{ing} off on a wild tangent”.
You were simply unable to defend your position.

There is still a large segment of the population that relies on fact to make choices. It often leads to better decision making, and generally a better outcome. You Republicans should try it sometime.

Or you could stick with the name calling.

My dearest conservative friend Miranda: Eric won’t believe¬†that you are a Republican, as there is no room for dissent within¬†his ranks.¬†¬†

Comment by wackolib

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