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The NRA supports illegal firearms?
June 23, 2006, 9:16 am
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I love guns.

I own several, and use them for hunting, target practice, and shootin gophers.

And if the need ever arises, I will not hesitate to defend my home with the help of my .44 Mag.

I joined the NRA a few years ago because my father told me that they were advocates for folks who like to hunt.

He was wrong.

These kooks think that trading in illegal arms is part of our second amendment rights, and had all of their mindless drones sign form letters provided on their website, and sent them to the U.N.

I got phone calls from the NRA telling me that my guns were on the verge of being taken away. “Are you aware sir that the U.N. has a statue of a gun with the barrel tied in a knot?!”


“Yes. I do know about that. I think it symbolizes an end to war, though…”

Isn’t the NRA aware that I am armed, and no one is gettin my guns?

There was very little action on the front of protecting my access to the places that I go to use my guns. That is what I am concerned about.

So I didn’t renew last year.

And I still have my guns.

If the NRA has their way, so will terrorists (because they are protected by the second amendment, apparently).


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Born and raised in Central MT my brother and I had a 22 we shared when I was 8 and he was 9. My Dad said we had to eat anything we killed so we hid the carcusses quite well and then got over our blood lust. Both of us took medals in Junior Rifle and Skeet shoots by the time we were in our early teens. Guns, to us, were a way to show off our abilities and skill. They were never the guns we hear of now that kill people. That is a distinct difference. You would not shoot a person with a BB Gun to try and kill them.
Should we build guns that are used predominantly to kill people? It is an age old question. I liken it to illegal drugs vrs. prescription drugs. Yes, I realize some people abuse these to-no name dropping of a certain talk show host, but at least they will be dealt with in the same manner legally. I am talking prescription guns. No guns that, like crack, are meant to harm and kill people. I think that if people want to kill each other they should be made to do it with swords. Not the chicken shit way from off a roof or in a car driving by. Let them see their victims up close. Gladiator style. Maybe then they will see that all the blood lust in the world will not help them sleep at night with that image in their minds.
I still see gophers…

Comment by Anonymous

The risk is that they’ll have a fuzzy definition of “illegal”. Not to defend the NRA itself, as they’re little more than republican lapdogs, but they have a point on this one.

The rest of the world should reject that rule too, for the following reason: oppressive regimes love unarmed citizens. These type of things always end up affecting the wrong people, it’s not different just because it’s the UN.

Comment by b-psycho

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