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June 23, 2006, 8:27 am
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Actually I don't.

 I was just looking back through my previous posts, and noticed that the angry posts garnered far more attention than the more thoughful ones.

People just love conflict, don't they?

This is why we flock to WRiM.

It is how Republicans run things: fear and loathing.

You can see it in their posts and in the comments.

You can see it when Mr. Burns tries to turn the very popular "creating a buzz" commercial against the very popular Jon Tester using a fake barber with a fake story stating fake facts.

You can see it when Dubya smirks like a chimp.

I won't be a prolific poster for a few days…but I will attempt to add a bit more venom in the future.

'Cause that's what you like.


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You know what Wacko, you are so right and I have been letting me suck them in. I have spent the who day angy about the mornings spat over Lieberman at WRIM. Element was totally honest, he put out the bait and I snapped it right up. I am not sure what to do about it, because I am drawn there like a magnet. Surely, it can’t be good for me to be around that much negativity. What really shocks me is that I am generally easy going, but that place ALWAYS sends me into a boil.

Comment by Shane C. Mason

Gentlemen, it has been suggested to me a couple of times that we simply avoid commenting over there and let the place whither. That was my intention, until Mellon/Element decided to throw out the ridiculous anti-semite cannard. And then Eric posted his comparison list, which I already agreed I would debunk as soon as he posted it. Sad that it took him so long, though.

Regardless, I concider yesterday’s fun to be my last little blast against Freeper Montana. Eric’s adventure is as discredited as possible, with both Eric and Don Mellon going to further and further extremes. With almost every post, eric appears less like a thoughtful conservative and more like a frothing lunatic. Most of the quality posters there have either fallen silent, or left. In short, I concider my work done.

I’ll still be poking sticks at the Freeps every now and then, but I’ll do it at my place, where Mellon’s trolling can be controlled. Though WRiM is kinda like a pit of evil against which we must crusade, I urge you both to join me. Read but don’t comment there. That’s what our websites are for.

Comment by Wulfgar

I suggest not commenting over there and picking out the nastiest, most-hate-filled comments and using them against them, like I did with bob t’s proposal for eradicating Arabs. Personally I don’t tolerate racist, homophobic, or sexist remarks on my site…but I guess Coobs doesn’t want to alienate his friends…

Comment by touchstone

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