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It’s not so much that I’m busy…
June 21, 2006, 9:15 am
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…as that I have a life. Any suggestions? What should I post about?

Some ideas:

The Single father: A.K.A. the "sperm donor".

I spent many years as the single father. I found that we are all considered to be "deadbeat dads", even when we are the primary parent…

The Rapidly declining "What's RIGHT in Montana".

Anonymous commenters, racism, lies, and did someone use this blog as an online dating service last weekend?

A phoney barber…that's what you got? Bring it.

Consider this an open thread…


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Here’s my take on anonymous commentary, for what it’s worth. There seems to be a great deal of discussion of it, especially in Billings, where the Gazette’s new web site feature allowing anonymous comments has stirred up a fuss.

The people who scream about how craven it is to post anonymously, and how it’s a new, insidious development made possible by the internet, would be well advised to reconsider.

The great Mssrs. Hamilton, Jay, and Madison wrote The Federalist Papers — essentially, the campaign for passage of the constitution — anonymously. All three of them used the pseudonym Publius. (Madison and his use of a pseudonym, by the way, is the inspiration for my own Nom de Blog. NeoPublius was already taken.)

Anonymous political debate is a great tradition in American politics. The accusations that Jefferson had a child by a female slave? First raised against him in anonymous campaign pamphlets. Many of the framers of our Constitution used Nomes de Plume for their letters in public debate.

Me? I do it for purely self-protective. I fear I’d lose my job if my identity were known, and I like the paycheck too much. But when I’m having ego parties, I like to tell myself I’m reviving a grand tradition of the Republic.

Comment by NeoMadison

Thanks, Neo. I can (almost) always count on you for a thoughtful post or comment.

Uh Oh…am I a MODERATE now?

Comment by wackolib

My dearest Sweet Lib,
I sense a bit of random hostility and frustration in your post.

So for your first thought, yes dads/ fathers and men in general in this country have gotten a bad rap for several decades now. Unfortunately this action has been perpetrated by the female movements (extremely jaded and bitter women) that claim to speak for all women. They are a merely a small, but very vocal minority and can not even begin to express how ALL the women in the country feel.

This weekend (Fathers Day)I gave special pause to just that thought.

As a “victim” of a lie perpetrated for many years I was 27 when I first met my father. Until then, I had been spoon fed how evil this person was. What I found was quite to the contrary. He was a warm and wonderful person and Idecided that whatever had transpired those many years ago between two adults didn’t involve me and how I should respond to this man. We enjoyed 18 years of good times together before I lost him two years ago. My lament? That 27 other years had been wasted.

I think you might observe, children do have a more forgiving nature than the adults involved in the issue. The children also are able to see through the veil of ill feelings generated by the adults. Isn’t shameful that in some cases the children actually act better than the adults?

Your second thought about “What’s Right”. Well I don’t have much point of reference as I am new to that blog, but I suspect that as time grows closer to the actual vote, the blog will disintegrate into a free for all.

Yes, the Anonymous commenters do add additional fodder, but I must confess I too have used that moniker (though only once to come to the rescue of a friend). Ususally I have the intestinal fortitude (or stupidity) to log on under my blog name and let the comments back to me fly where they may.

I find it odd that you are suprised that there is so much “racism, lies” in this as well as other blogs. The internet has opened up a whole new avenue for the “frustrated people in this world”. I am not in the least condoning the behavior, just explaining it. Many people have lives of discontentment and frustraion and this is their outlet to vent, spew, or generally impose their feelings on others….

Much of this frustration can be attributed to the solitary lives that many people live. For most, existance is work and home, work and home. Human contact becomes something to be dreaded and feared. There has also been a continued movement in this country to espouse beliefs no matter who they may offend…..It’s the “me first” attitude.

The last issue is a possible use of What’s right as an “on line dating service”….. unless I miss my guess, I may have been involved with that conversation, and no there are no dates….

AS you know me both here and in real life, you know that I am ever the jokester and hate it when the conversation turns nasty. Not to get into specifics (though you can read back through the conversation) I was lambasting a person for saying horrible things and then claiming to be from my home state. As I took him to task, I was also harranged by one of the locals….. there was a reference to “sheep jokes” and the mood got lighter…..

As to what you should post about….. I would say the field is wide open. From what I have read of your posts and comments back to others, your insights are fun and thought provoking.

As the election draws near, I know that your comments will add a stablizing force to the radical and sometimes ridiculous discussion on other blogs….the key is to work to be a voice of calm and reason in a sea of discontent and ill will. I know that you can do it!

So with that my Sweet Lib, I will close…..

always, your Miranda

Comment by Miranda

Actually, Lib, I was worried that spill over from blog-life to real life had taken its toll on you. A Billings troll attempted that tactic against you at my place, and that’s the surest way to get a comment deleted and a person banned. I’m glad to find that there was little or no effect from that campaign.

NeoMadison, you actually make a terrific argument for anonymous conveance of ideas … if only that’s what was happening at WRiM. You, yourself, are anoynous to me, yet you still take credit for your ideas. Quite often, the hidden use their position to cravenly attack others. It isn’t the anonymity that cranks up the heat, it’s the cowardice

Comment by Wulfgar

I want to talk about 2 things here.

1. Someone stole my Jon Tester sign.

I am not saying it was Eric or jlw3mt, I am just saying it happened. Maybe it was Blue Barn as the ‘Anonymous’ thief trying to cast Burns supporters in a bad light. We may never know, all I know is that mine is gone and so are most of the others around downtown Helena.

2. WRIM is getting worse?

Now, truly, I have a narrow frame of reference after having only visited the site for a month or so, but it seems to have seriously declined in the last week. The debate has moved from moderatly intelligent to really stupid. Is this the normal ebb and flow? What’s up with these post by Eric?

“Tester likes gays and gays like Tester”
“Tester is taking ag subsidies”
“Dan Rather will come out of retirement to report false stories about Burns”

Is it me? Do they their arguments just get sillier the more you listen to them? The whole reason I bother is that I don’t have a lot of contact with ‘the dark side’ in my day to day life. I felt like it would be good to engage and see what they were thinking. Obviously not a lot.

Comment by Shane C. Mason

On anonymous commenting:

I always thought that if something is worth saying, one ought to take the credit and/or blame for what they have said. Anyone who does otherwise: 1) doesn’t actually believe in their own words, 2) is scared of the consequences of their words, 3) is a coward, or 4) doesn’t know how to use their computer. Go ahead and comment anonymously, but to me you are a fictional character, and your words carry no weight.

Yes, WRiM is getting worse. Today a fictional character rejected one of my comments:

“I reject your implicit premise that war is bad.”

What the hell is that?
The blogger equivalent of “talk to the hand, ’cause the bitch ain’t lis’nin” ?

“Isn’t it shameful that in some cases the children actually act better than the adults?”
Miranda, I think you are on to something.
Would any of us let our (young) children read what we post? Probably not, and not because of the intricate nature of the politics involved in our discussion…

Blog spillover won’t interfere with my pursuits and beliefs. I used to write letters to the editor, now I am the editor.
Blog Spillover. Sounds like an Irwin Allen movie, with a science fiction twist.

And Shane…I have a few Tester signs left if you ever need one. So many people want them for their own lawn, they go like hotcakes. Someone likely wanted one of their own, but didn’t know where else to get one. I mean, these are good looking signs…can you blame them?

Or it could’ve been some poor desparate Repuglican who thought that stealing a sign would make a difference…probably the same guy who thought a fake barber with a fake story was a good idea.
I wonder if “mastercuts” has lobbyists? That may explain Conrad’s Coiffer Conundrum.

Comment by Wacko Lib

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