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Conservationist conservatives?
June 21, 2006, 9:29 am
Filed under: Denial

"Help us convince the GOP leadership that Republicans care about preserving America's natural heritage!"

Yeah. Right.

Check out Conrad Burns impressive score of ZERO on the environmental scorecard…..


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Yeah, see that and more for Mr Burns (axcellent!) that I compiled here.

I really is appauling that we even have to go through this. If I had that kind of record at workm I would be fired so fast my head would spin.

Comment by Shane C. Mason

From Mr. Mason’s research, it seems that Conrad doesn’t care about Kittens and Puppies very much.

Cold hearted son of a bitch.

Comment by wackolib

If you are like me and call your Senators religiously on environmental issues, you too have the seperate recycling bin for the response letters from Conrad (yes, we are on a first name basis, he just keeps forgetting mine)that always say: “Thank you for writing, (you liberal peice of crap), it is always good to hear from my constituents, (and since we know how you voted, we know you ain’t one of them) and it was great knowing you took the time to call with your concerns (but I could give a %$*& what you think cause you can’t make money on Caribou). I took the liberty of reading between the lines. Anyone up for a bonfire?

Comment by Anonymous

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