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Anti-Christian? No.
June 17, 2006, 5:45 am
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Tonight I was listening to the call-in radio show "open range" here in Bozeman on AM1450.

The topic seemed to be the lack of a Ten Commandments monument in a local park.

So I called in and asked the commentator to please recite them for me. She refused, attacked me for being anti-Christian, and ended the call.

Here I was, giving her a chance to spell out the foundation of Christianity…the actual word of God himself…and she was telling me that I was anti-Christian. It was obvious to me that the simple truth was, she just didn't know them.

Two calls later, a thoughtful man phoned in to say that he had been called to the carpet by my request. He stated that he was quite religious, attended Church, but indeed was unable to recite the Ten Commandments of God from memory alone.

To his credit, he related this to how we espouse our beliefs and proclaim their virtues loudly, sometimes without an intimate knowledge of the foundation of our beliefs.

I am not a Christian, but I am not anti-Christian. I don't care if the Ten Commandments are displayed in your lawn, at your business, or on your car.

But could it be that the best place to keep these sacred commandments would be in your mind, heart, and way of life, rather than at the park?

Just a thought.


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oh you made me chuckle on this one……
I don’t know that I could answer the question either (not christian here ), but I do know that I probably have broken, oh say, all but one or two of them…….. Maybe I shouldn’t use them as a guide book for having fun huh?!

Thoughful post, nicely done
always Miranda

Comment by miranda

But could it be that the best place to keep these sacred commandments would be in your mind, heart, and way of life, rather than at the park?

Wow. Very nicely done! I am not a christian, but I think 9 of the 10 are good rules to follow ( as is the golden rule ) Sure, why can’t you post some good rules in a park? What I like to remind people is that if we are only looking at them as ‘rules’, then we should also post items from the Budhist, Sikhs, Muslims, Wikan’s, Hindu’s etc. etc. Each religion has some worthwhile wisdom to it. As long as you don’t mind covering the whole spectrum, then put 9 of the 10 commandments up there.

If that doesn’t work for people, you know what is really nice in parks? Trees, grass, flowers and the occasional dog poop.

Comment by Shane

Yes, it is a coincindence that a similar event took place on Colbert last night…

Comment by wacko

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