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Them’s fightin’ words!
June 10, 2006, 3:35 am
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I have been moderately involved in politics since the early 90's. I started volunteering for Dorothy Bradley's gubenatorial campaign, making phone calls, putting up signs, going door to door. I met some of our best local political talent including the grand Dorothy Eck and Representative Beverly Barnhart.

I went to Billings to hear Bill Clinton speak, and was honored to shake his hand.

Politics was my cup of tea. People trying to change the world; to make it a better place. People of action.

Then came my lovely daughter. Politics fell to the wayside.

In 2000, when I was shocked out of my little world by the republican nomination of George W. Bush for the presidency, it became clear that I had to once again do my part.

How could this little man from Texas, who was famous for executing lots of criminals, even be in the running?

We worked hard to get our message out. You know the rest.

Now, as I watch our country become a nation that is both fearful and feared, I am truly terrified at what direction we are taking. The state of our nation is becoming unacceptable.

Recently I came across "Whats Right in Montana" a blog that demonstrates the state of mind of our republican party. Here are some juicy tidbits:

"The upcoming election is the same type of contest Democrats have been losing for years, Tax & spend vs no tax increases, pro-abortion vs. pro-life, traditional values vs. special rights for gays, etc."

Why, yes. Tax and spend. That is how all those roads you drive on got there: Taxes! And those schools you send your kids to: Taxes! That big war over in Iraq: paid for with…you guessed it! Taxes!

It is obvious that the current crop of republicans prefer the "Spend and cut taxes and hope the money just materializes out of thin air" approach to government. The bad news: money doesn't grow on trees, or materialize out of thin air. The massive deficit will have to be paid down, eventually, with taxes. But just ignore that. Democrats will make the hard choices, citizens will make the financial sacrifice.

Oh, and we don't want "special rights" for gays. Just equal treatment under the law. Is that special treatment?

And preemptive war based on faulty intelligence is not a "traditional value".

Pro Life and Pro War? Please explain yourself. 

 "Homos aren't a "stupid wedge issue." They're a serious public health issue that's costing American taxpayers over $250 million a year and causing tens of thousands of innocent blacks and hispanics to suffer."

Wow. That's what is known as Hatred.

"The Iraq War sounds really awful and scary. I had no idea people actually got killed. But now you say some people have “missing limbs, severe burns, crushed bones, and disfiguring injuries”? God. That’s gross!"

"What about family pets? Do you think dogs and cats get killed, too? Like run over by tanks and such? And what about the environment? Do you think there’s a lot of smoke in the air and bad smells?"

War: it's a laugh a minute! Thank god all that destruction isn't happening in your neighborhood. Aren't you glad that your child won't be blown to smithereens by an errant bomb? I bet someone over in Iraq would think it was worth a joke.

"I just can’t imagine it. But anyway, thanks for letting us know what war is about."

You are welcome, shit for brains.

"I hadn't thought about Canada, but Mark is right. They didn't go into Iraq, and they were set up for a 9/11 style attack anyway."

"Did cowardice get them mercy from the terrorists?"

OK, asswipe. My wife is Canadian. Canadians are fighting alongside us, and dying, in Afghanistan. The fact that Canada didn't want any part of Iraq shows intelligence, not cowardice.

 "I will seperate the local Democrats from the National Democrats like Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, & John Kerry, since the national Democrats not only yearn for failures in Iraq, they've pinned their hopes on it."

We pinned our hopes on winning. You pinned your hopes on Donald Rumsfeld.

"They have no issues or ideas they can win with, so they are hoping that criticizing the GOP & specifically the Iraq war will get them points with the voters."

This isn't about "getting points". It's about bringing an end to a poorly managed war, and saving lives, and peace!

"Another thing I like about the war is that it makes all these girlie men moan and cry and say all sorts of stupid and crazy things. I’m sorry, but I think that’s pretty funny entertainment."

All right. I've had enough. I am a democrat. You have called me a coward. You have called me a girlie man. You have insulted my wife and her country. And that's not all I have been called over at Freeper.

Now, you chicken-shits, I have a feeling you would not say any of these things to my face. I would admire you if you did, and you would learn a fine lesson: this peace loving liberal would knock you flat on your ass.

What is the point of this rant, you are wondering?

I yearn for a worthy group of thoughful conservative thinkers. A group capable of debate without baseless insults and outright lies. A party to share power with…for the good of our country.

The hour grows late for our nation. I fear for our children.


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you pretty much summed it all up right there. It’s amazing how the dip shit conservatives are getting away with saying that up is down, and black is white, and they’re not being called on it in the so called “liberal media”. I’ve been wondering just how far things will go, just how bad it will get, before people start to stand up and say no more. I don’t mean the handful of liberals that do it all the time, I mean LARGE numbers of people standing up, marching in the streets, all over the country. Will that ever happen? I’ve gotten to the point where I’m angry more often than not, and disappointed and ashamed of my fellow americans all the time. I feel very sad that this great nation that my father, grandfather, great grandfather, and pretty much every male in my family before my brother and I, fought for, is going down the drain. I’m sad that my parents generation (those in power) are destroying our country, right in front of our eyes. I’m especially sad that those of us who dare question authority are labeled traitors and conspiracy nuts. What’s it going to take? When is it going to swing back in the right (correct) direction? Fortunately, I don’t have children, nor do i plan on having children. I to, fear for the children of this country, and the world.

Comment by troutburst

Lib, I offer a cautionary note: W(wrong)RiM is the most trolled blog in the state. For starters, you have Ennis resident Don Mellon (whom Dave Crisp calls Mellonhead). This guy has gained noteriety for two things only – trolling blogs and writing truly insane LttE in the state’s newspapers. He almost singlehandedly wrecked Ed Kemmick’s place, and got Dave Crisp to the verge of chucking his blog. He and I have gone ’round before, and I’m certain that we will, again. He does appear to be afraid of LitW, however, which is a good thing. His method of operation is to say outlandishly over the top things, while pretending to be multiple people. Eric seems to have embraced him at Freeper Montana. But don’t be fooled; he’ll play either side of the fence against the other, just because he likes the result.

Second, you have Dave Rye, from the Northern Broadcasting Network. Don’t know if you ever talked to the guy, but he really is the fundamentalist wack job that he appears online. He will always go for the low hanging fruit, and Blue Barn is giving him plenty to concentrate on. Dave is exactly the kind of freak that you engage in this post, and the problem with him is that he has a voice beyond the blogs. He will avoid engaging you or I on any substantive issue, and that seems to be the format Eric prefers.

Third, Freeper Montana has elements of astroturfing. You can bet your socks that some of the anonymous or psuedononymous comments come from the likes of Jason Klindt or Karl Ohs or their operatives. I wouldn’t doubt that Sinrud or Koopman have been by to drop a bomb or two. When Eric says he’s getting insider info, he isn’t kidding. The Republicants have learned the dirty art of manipulating blogs, and everything at Freeper Montana is suspect because of it.

Fourth, and this is the real tragedy of cowardice in the world, FM (WRiM) is a troll magnet for every driveby nutjob in the state and beyond. Eric wants to keep anonymous comments because he thinks (stupidly) that that will “keep things real”, when in fact, it denies any reality at all. Some of the comments you are reacting to in this post could well be DU operatives posting outragious shit to make the Reps look bad. Truly, we have no way of knowing. Eric chides blogs for having no readers and then proclaims his superiority for garnering more comments than Ed Kemmick. You don’t really think Eric is smart enough to realize that his site is joke, do you?

There’s a guy running for state AG in Texas who is a grassroots progressive and has said: “We will fight them until hell freezes over and then we will fight them on the ice”. The guy ain’t wrong. The hard part for us is to make certain that we’re fighting the enemy, and not just a phantom. Let’s not get ourselves played while we give them a smackdown. The best way to do that is to share information amongst ourselves. And smack ’em down, we will. I hope this comment helps.

p.s. I did like your blogger layout better, but it’s nice to actually be able to access your site. Thank you for switching, and I hope to be reading your stuff for a very long time to come.

Comment by Wulfgar

Just a note: WordPress lets you alter your time-stamp. My comment was left at 12:30 pm, not 6:30 pm.

Comment by Wulfgar

I’ve always believed that I can worship (or not) however and wherever I wanted. Therefore, everyone else can too.
I’ve believed I can read what I want, watch the tv programs I like, see the movies I think I’ll enjoy. I think all of us can do those things too.
I’ve tried to respect the actions and beliefs of others and I tried to teach my kids to think that too.
However, my freedom to act as I want ends when I encroach on others rights.
I am a liberal and I respect those who are not. They have the right to their beliefs.
The thing that scares me to death is how the right wing (should I say Christian?) conservatives think that I must believe in the same way they do.
Unreasonable hatred of people for being another color, another religion, or just because they are different from you, is wrong.
We need to work together to maintain freedom of choice.

Comment by liberal lady

This site does look nice – I might have to ditch e-blogger myself.

I didn’t call you a chicken.

I simply said (correctly) that the national Democrats yearn for bad news in Iraq, or on the stock market, or anywhere else if they think they can use it polically.

I will say that to your face, or anybody elses face also. If you think you can knock this old fat guy on his ass, come on over, and bring your doctor with you.

And what I said about Canada was also correct. They didn’t go to Iraq, and they were paid back by being targeted for a large scale attack. Fact.

I don’t like the trolls any better than you guys do, but over at my 1st blog I frequented, City Lights, Ed can have a post up for a week and draw only a handful of comments. Yawn. If you rein in a blog too tightly, it dies.

GOP astroturfing? They wish. I get more hits in a day than gets in a week I’ll bet!

If you can’t take a little abuse on the blogs, I recommend quitting the hobby, since it comes with the territory!

Regards – Eric Coobs

Comment by Eric Coobs

Thanks for stopping by Eric…

“And what I said about Canada was also correct. They didn’t go to Iraq, and they were paid back by being targeted for a large scale attack. Fact.”

From the Globe and Mail:

-Commissioner McDonell alleged that the suspects were part of a homegrown terror cell intent on launching attacks against targets in Southern Ontario.

“This group presented a real and serious threat. They had the capacity and intent to carry out a terrorist attack,” said RCMP Asst. Commissioner McDonell.

Please explain the connection to Iraq, if you can.
Of course, you will convey theory as fact in a feeble attempt to justify your claim. Fact.

I will never understand your party’s distaste for Canada. Is it envy?

As for your site: I love it. I just wish there was more converation and less gay bashing, racism, and name calling.
Aw hell, who am I kidding? I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t mind abuse. But would you really have me or anyone else just “take it?”


And Coobs…the comments I pasted to my post weren’t all yours, so don’t be so…defensive.

Tester will be a great Senator.
Burns will be a great “movie of the week”.

-El Wacko

Comment by wackolib


Like your new site! I have to agree with you, I am constantly dissapointed with the quality of the debate at WRIM, and any republican based blog for that matter. I am new to the world of political blogging, but not politics. I didn’t expect every thoughtful comment made from the left to be fruit for an attack. I would call the ‘personal’ attacks, however, they are widespread shotgun blasts.

Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Ya done good.

Comment by Shane C. Mason

Hey, I’m not complaining too much… insults appear to be the coin of the realm here in the blogosphere. But I like to think that I’ve always made an effort to conduct civil, intelligent debate, and focus on logic and reasoning.

Today you called me stupid.

Log own eye, splinter neighbor’s, etc etc. Or something like that. I only read the cliff notes.

Comment by NeoMadison

Neo…I like you, you show some measure of respect for “us”. I do apologize for calling you stupid, although it wasn’t aimed directly at you…
As Coobs would say…thanks for stopping by.

Comment by Wacko Lib

No worries, dude. Actually, the main complaint is that you didn’t wait your turn. There’s a long, long line of people wanting to call me stupid. You’re supposed to take a number. Mostly I just wanted to prove that I actually had read your blog. Also, love the Star Wars video!

Comment by NeoMadison

At the risk of dating myself, I saw the 1st STAR WARS movie at the drive-in theatre in Decorah, Iowa when it first came out.

I’ve got them on VHS, and DVD.

My new series is BATTLESTAR GALACTICA that I follow. I liked thew original one with Lorne Green & Richard Hatch, and the new one is better yet.

Nothing wrong with being addicted to sci-fi.

Comment by Eric Coobs

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